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    Scientists Highlight Benefits of Napping

    Scientists from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, in the United States, highlight that napping is more beneficial than adding more hours to night's sleep,...
    The Best Blackout Blinds

    The Best Blackout Blinds

    The one we will look at and recommend is to cover your windows with blackout blinds: with a little research, you can select the best blackout
    Three things you can do to improve your healthy lifestyle

    Three things you can do to improve your healthy lifestyle

    We all know it’s important to stay healthy, but it can often be difficult to find the time to think about what we need to do to stay healthy

    3 Common Sleep Problems during Covid-19 Quarantine and Tips on How to Solve Them

    Sleep issues are on the rise due to the Coronavirus pandemic. Trouble sleeping has become so prevalent that a new term has arisen, COVID-somnia....

    Students in the USA sleep 6.5 hours on average, according to the recent survey.

    Happysleepyhead asked 10,000 students in the USA. In the course of this survey, students were asked how many hours a day they spend for...

    Hidden Insomnia Health Risks

    Insomnia, the most common sleep complaint among Americans, means “no sleep” in Latin. And as the definition implies, people with insomnia may not only...
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