Sleep Myoclonus or Hypnic Shaking: More Common than You Think

    It happens to nearly 70% of people

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    Surely you have felt like in the middle of a dream or just when you’re tired, the body feels that it is time to reconcile, a sudden jolt suddenly wakes you up and makes you believe that you had fallen or were about to touch a floor that was never there.

    This phenomenon is known as Sleep Myoclonus or Hypnic Shaking, which scares people who suffer from it and is so common that it is estimated that 70% of the global population has experienced it at least once. Although it does not represent a danger for those who suffer from it, depending on the dream that is had at that time, the intervention of a specialist could be necessary if they appear on a daily basis.

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    Until now there is no definitive explanation of why people have this experience, however, the theories are varied and three of them are the most accepted within the scientific community until the true reason can be explained.

    In the meantime, we list these three reasons for you:

    The first refers to the constant stress that many individuals are subjected to every day, be it for work or personal reasons; Doctors believe that there may be a pattern between the muscles that the brain considers to be in constant motion when we sleep and the stress that is generated after a tiring day or full of sensory stimuli.

    Precisely strong stimulants, such as caffeine, before sleeping is not considered a good idea. Doctors consider that being exposed to these types of products causes the brain’s activity to return to a high-frequency state, which influences the perception that it is time to start activities that, by that time of day, should already be culminated.

    Finally, an irregular sleep schedule, such as not going to bed while being very fatigued or waking up after many hours of sleep. Sleep irregularity prevents the brain from creating an internal clock that influences just the right amount the body needs to rest while shutting down all unnecessary functions and staying with the minimum activity required to recover after long days of work.


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