Proper Sleep Hygiene Will Allow You to Create Healthy Habits

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    There is nothing more indulgent than enjoying a deep, relaxing and pleasant night’s sleep. But we can’t always enjoy it. Having good sleep hygiene means creating habits that allow us to ensure a relaxed and effective sleep, those that guarantee us to have an active day and avoid being victims of sleep disorders.

    Sleeping well means providing strengths to our health as it allows us to give the correct and necessary rest to our motor system, relax tensions, and oxygenate our brain.

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    Enjoying a good sleep favors the relationships of those around us, family, friends and prevents the aggravation of many mental illnesses. Difficulties falling asleep and daytime sleepiness can be signs of poor sleep hygiene. Insomnia can cause health problems, cardiovascular disorders, cognitive and memory deficits.

    Doctors and specialists advise their patients on sleep hygiene measures, they have lists of suggestions that include advice about the number of hours to sleep, and also about the consumption of food in general and particularly during the hours before sleep, exercise, the environment in which we rest, etc.

    Experts point out some recommendations to ensure adequate sleep

    1-Maintain a fixed schedule for going to bed and getting up, including

    weekends and holidays.

    2-Stay in bed long enough, adapting to real sleep needs.

    3-Maintain a regular physical activity, since doing physical exercise one hour a day and three hours before sleeping improves the quality of sleep.

    4-Avoid naps. In some cases, if it is very necessary, it is recommended only to do it after eating, with a duration of no more than 30 minutes.

    5- Do not consume beverages that contain caffeine. Consuming it in the afternoon alters sleep, even in people do not perceive it.

    6- Avoid the consumption of alcohol and tobacco, because in addition to damaging health, they damage sleep and in this sense, their consumption should be avoided hours before sleeping.

    7-Do not eat large meals at night that disturb sleep. Avoid lying down after dinner.

    8-Keep the bedroom at a comfortable temperature, with minimal levels of light and noise.

    9-Do not use the computer in the two hours prior to sleeping at night.

    Maintaining good sleep hygiene represents the constant practice of healthy sleep habits that facilitate restful, deep, continuous and quality sleep. It is important to determine what factors may be influencing when not being able to get a good sleep: pressure at work, problems that may be in the sentimental issue of a couple, drinking coffee after a certain time of day, among others.

    It is true that, sometimes, controlling all the factors that influence the quality of sleep is complicated, but it is possible to adopt habits that allow you to sleep more and better. This is important for your health, but, in addition, it is also necessary to be lucid and focused during the day.

    The goal of sleep hygiene is for you to go to bed and wake up on a schedule throughout the week. In addition, maintaining good habits at bedtime also predisposes us to live a healthy lifestyle.

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