Students in the USA sleep 6.5 hours on average, according to the recent survey.

The article describes the detailed information about how much time students sleep in the United States, which affects the quality of sleep, why a healthy dream is the main component of a student's qualitative rest and tells about other student habits.

Tired Teenager sleep on the Sofa with the Books

Happysleepyhead asked 10,000 students in the USA. In the course of this survey, students were asked how many hours a day they spend for sleep, which depends on this figure, how much time they need to fully sleep, what prevents them from falling asleep, which factors depend on them a dream and many others.

American students, because of their hyperactivity often forget about a complete sleep, do not go to bed in time and regularly violate the healthy day and sleep mode. It should always be given at least 7 hours a day for sleep, otherwise, you can increase the likelihood of developing a variety of chronic diseases of the body, in particular:

  • Miscarriage can lead to diabetes mellitus;
  • Various cardiovascular diseases may develop, there is a risk of stroke, with regular lack of sleep, possible development of high blood pressure;
  • There is a likelihood of weight gain as a consequence of the onset of obesity;
  • Possible immune system disorders;
  • In chronic under-taking, there is a risk of worsening mental health, the emergence of various depressive conditions.

It is not a secret to anyone that most students do not spend enough time to sleep and have a good rest. To find the answer to the question: “how many hours a day a student allocates to his dream?” And to analyze the answers, about 10,000 students in all the states of America were interviewed. According to this survey, how much time modern American students spend on sleep, it was discovered that approximately 80% of modern students sleep less than 7 hours a day. Summing up all the answers of students who were interviewed throughout America – the average time for sleep is 6.5 hours per day for an average American student. Of course, this figure is not positive, since the time required for a night of good sleep is at least 8 hours a day.

According to the survey, there are several states in which most students have a good healthy sleep (sufficient hours per day for sleep), for example, South Dakota, in which an average American student spends 7 hours in sleep and Colorado, where students sleep 7.3 hours per day, but overall, the trend of healthy sleep is not positive among American students.

Sleeping in the library

A quite logical question arises: “Is it possible for the student to study the number of hours for sleep?” After a large number of students from all over the United States were interviewed and their responses analyzed, a rather interesting feature was found: groups of students studying at separate faculties sleep or more hours per day or fewer hours per day for sleep than other groups of students studying in other departments and studying other sciences. According to a survey, a group of students studying in the following courses in colleges, spend more time on their sleep:

  • Anthropological sciences;
  • Faculty of English and study literature;
  • The direction of human nutrition science;
  • Faculty of Sociology.
Time to go to bed you asked

Students studying in the following courses in college spend less time on their dream:

  • Faculty of Architectural Science and Architectural Studies in Designing Buildings;
  • The direction of biological engineering;
  • Faculty of psychology development;
  • Faculty of Information Technology Development;
  • The direction of biomedical sciences.

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