To expect the birth of a baby is a magical moment for any loving couple! In order to make this milestone more enjoyable and less bumpy, here we give you some advice to take into account, right from the moment of the arrival of the newborn up to his/her first years. So take notes!

First-time father holding his newborn baby

First considerations

Always prepare in advance. Do not be caught off-guard, so that from the first moments he/she can feel comfortable, the preparations should start a few months before.

Choosing the right crib

They should have guardrails and move easily up and down. Make sure that the cradle is perfectly armed that no nut or screw is missing. Also, make sure the mattress fits perfectly in the crib.

Other child-safety measures

Always have enough bottles. A thermometer just for him. Cloths moistened but not in alcohol. A seat to travel in the back of the car that is of an appropriate brand. A baby carrier for your arms. A walker to exercise his first steps.

The lack of sleep in the child

Many times parents, teachers and even pediatricians often confuse what causes the infant to be anxious all the time, if at the same time he has difficulty concentrating, is easily frustrated, acts aggressively, everyone would say that it is a hyperactivity disorder caused by a deficit in the attention capacity or that the child is lacking in sleep. What increases the confusion is the different ways in which lack of sleep manifests itself in children.

When an adult does not sleep, he is lethargic during the day. When a child does not sleep well, it is just the opposite; he/she does not stop moving and is irritable because of that, so always assure that the infant gets 12 to 15 hours of good sleep.

Bath time

Bathing a child who already uses the bath does not have to become a pitched battle, much less a ceremony of several hours. If you do not want to be the one entering the bathtub instead of him/her try coloring the water a bit or placing a small chair in the center.

Baby’s bath time

Choose toys that make fun of the bath, use soap with a lot of foam, a shower to rinse, so that the bathing becomes a pleasurable experience. And remember; never leave the child alone in the bathtub.

Playing and learning useful games

The game is the time to have fun, but we cannot forget that children also learn through play, especially how to relate to others. Games contribute naturally to the development of the child. Use basic materials to stimulate his/her imagination. Children love mud, sand, and baking dough to shape it.

In a container full of water, let the child intuit which objects will float and which ones will not. Paint with watercolors and similar games. The next time you play in addition to the colors, add sponges, feathers, pieces of cotton, or mold seals carved into a potato or an apple that are cut in half.

Give him/her different options. Allow him/her to make decisions and celebrate his/her choices even if he/she is wrong, even when in his/her drawings or when assembling dolls, he/she would place a human eye in the place that corresponds to the navel.

What should they eat?

In the eagerness to feed our children well, many parents fall into exaggerations that can be harmful. That is why some people ask if they supplied all the daily protein that a 3-year-old boy needs giving them the amount for a 5-year-old. The child needs space in their stomach for nutrients such as vegetables and fruits. Too much-saturated fat can cause high cholesterol and high blood pressure, which will cause heart disease in adulthood.

Children must have good manners

Nothing captures better the goodwill of the elderly as children who exhibit good manners. Being accepted socially is very important. But there is more. The child we have taught how to behave in various kinds of circumstance often feels confident, secure, and very likely to achieve their own true identity.

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