Scientists Highlight Benefits of Napping

    Noting that napping is more beneficial than adding more hours to night's sleep

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    Scientists from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, in the United States, highlight that napping is more beneficial than adding more hours to night’s sleep, a report from the institution revealed today.

    Spending more time in bed does not guarantee high work productivity or a decrease in blood pressure, among so many examples that were previously raised. The scientists -according to the statement- proved that naps tend to be more beneficial, as they contribute to improving the process of cognition, efficiency, decision-making and well-being in a general sense.

    Another point of the research refers that “sleeping more hours does not equal better well-being, an aspect that is linked to the quality of sleep,” the source emphasizes. Regarding the quality of sleep, the Mayo Clinic scientific site suggests reviewing the medications and supplements that people take.

    Establishing the conditions

    Avoid drinking fluids up to two hours before going to bed to reduce trips to the bathroom, and keep the environment where you sleep as dark as possible. Hence the importance of avoiding lights coming from the television, the computer screen or mobile devices, because light alters the natural rhythm that the body has when sleeping.

    Likewise, experts suggest not consuming caffeinated products or alcohol eight hours before going to bed. Liquors help to fall asleep, once its effect wears off, the person is more likely to wake up during the night.
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