Nap At Work: A Few Minutes To Enjoy

“Nap At Work” is something the studies related to the search for alternatives that allow greater effectiveness of employees in their jobs is constantly carried out. There is always talk of keeping staff satisfied with their remuneration, with their benefits, and now they add one more additive, “a few minutes of sleep during working hours.”

Studies have shown the power of a restful nap at work, which is why an increasing number of companies are giving their employees a few minutes of sleep and there are many places to sleep at noon.

Although the frenetic daily routine has relegated napping to the vacation period, numerous investigations have concluded that resting from 10 to 20 minutes at noon improves not only performance but also the general state of the organism, giving it time to recharge. energies just when you need it most.

Conversely, a sleepy or fatigued employee can cause irreparable loss and damage to the company. An example: the Exxon Valdez spill in 1989, in which 11 million gallons of oil were dumped into the sea after the ship ran aground. The investigation attributed the accident to the fact that its driver, Third Officer Gregory T. Cousins, who had been awake for 18 hours before taking command of the Valdez, failed to “maneuver the ship due to fatigue and cargo. job”.

In the United States, England and Japan, some companies have created spaces for their employees to sleep for a while (the so-called power nap or restorative nap), as this practice has been shown to improve mood and increase the efficiency of staff and productivity. That is why companies prepare exclusive lounges so that workers can rest or, those with a business vision, open, instead of a bar or a restaurant, a nap room.

“The nappers” put a price on rest

 Another trend in the world is the “nappers”, commercial establishments (strategically located in the financial centers or office areas of large cities) that offer a place to sleep along with a varied offer of services.

The first to open in Paris was the Zen Bar de Nap (, a place to have tea and rest that has six cabins, three of them equipped with massage chairs and the other three with beds. Rates range from 12 euros for a 15-minute “micro nap” to 27 euros for a 45-minute “real nap”, in addition to paying for the tea of ​​your choice. They also offer plantar and hair massage, manicure, pedicure, and fish spa.

Nap in America

In Argentina, nap is rooted in the rural culture of this country and it is common to see how small businesses close so that their workers can go home to eat and rest for an hour, but in urban areas like Buenos Aires, this is not so. “You work long hours.”

Faced with this situation, and to make sleeping a unique experience, Daniel Leynaud, along with a group of professionals made up of renowned sleep doctors and scientists, psychologists, dental coaches and specialists in corporate strategy decided to create “Selfishness”, the first napper in Latin America, located in Buenos Aires.

Due to the success of this initiative, the experts decided to go further and work on spreading the scientifically proven benefits of short naps.

Today in Mexico many companies have also joined this experience

No one doubts the benefits that a restful sleep provides workers. It is not a matter of rooting laziness in them, rather it is an alternative to improve their performance and effectiveness at work.

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