If You Wake Up Feeling Tired In the Morning Then It’s Time to Optimize Your Sleep Habits

Here are some useful tips

Many times it has happened to us that when we wake up we feel very tired, it seems rather that we had spent the whole night working or feeling that we had not slept at all. We wake up with a heavy body, with a lack of motivation to perform daily activities, without wanting to get out of bed, we want to stay in bed and sleep a little more. In many cases, this early morning fatigue happens due to sleep difficulties or because we lead an unhealthy lifestyle.

The first thing we should be clear about is that the body sleeps in cycles. As much as human beings are very adaptable, finally, the body and mind function better if we lead a life with stable patterns. This has a decisive impact on fatigue.

If for example, you wake up every day at 7 in the morning and before 9 at night you are already in bed, but on the weekend you change that pattern, your body is going to get confused. In this case, you will wake up tired, regardless of the hours you sleep.

Sometimes the reason we wake up tired is the way our mind works. Some go to bed and start reviewing all that concerns them, or the decisions they must make for the next day.  It is the worst time of the day to do this since it generates nighttime anxiety and damages your rest.

Stress, in general, prevents us from having a peaceful sleep. That mental discomfort makes us stay alert, even sleeping. That is why we wake up unease and tired, even when sleeping more hours. Many times it does not matter if you get up at noon, in the end, the same thing happens, you get tired, with a slowed mind and an unpleasant mood.

According to Christopher Winter, president of “Charlottesville Neurology and Sleep Medicine”, when we wake up at the same time every day, our body learns to be alert, at about that time, he explains. If we continue to sleep, the signal to wake up completely does not arrive, especially if we also snooze more than usual.

“Your body sleeps in cycles,” explains winter, “if you have a rhythm, you get up, you exercise, you arrive to work at 8, and you go to bed after the nightly news. And then, on the weekends, you party all night with your friends and sleep until noon, then your brain is not sure what is

Happening. Your brain sees the light for the first time at noon, believes that the sun is rising, that your lunch is your breakfast, your brain is not sure what it is supposed to do”.

If you are tired after sleeping a lot and it is not due to a change in your usual sleep schedule, you may have a health problem that exhausts you and makes you sleep a lot. The “American Academy of Sleep Medicine” and the “Sleep Research Society” recommends that adults sleep between seven and nine hours per night, so sleeping more than that is usually indicative of hypersomnia or excessive daytime sleepiness that usually does not go away with a nap, it could be indicative of depression, sleep apnea or narcolepsy.

However, do not panic. Most of the time, especially if it has not been a long-term problem, it may be something much less serious. The feeling of tiredness that you have after sleeping a lot can also be a residual effect of the lack of sleep that made you sleep late in the first place. “If you inconsistently sleep poor, that is what happens to the vast majority of people, sleeping a lot one day will not replenish your lost sleep time”, explains Bradley V. Vaughn, professor of “Sleep Medicine and Epilepsy at the UNC School of Medicine”.

Some recommendations to improve the quality of your sleep.

In the long term, you can optimize your rest periods by sticking to a sleep schedule as consistent as possible. Exercise in the morning or the afternoon, not close to bedtime, which could take away your sleep, and do a relaxing activity before bed to tell your body that it is time to slow down. And, if you are tired during the day, you should go to bed early and return to your normal schedule the next day.

Determining the cause for which we wake up tired may be in our hands. Evaluate your lifestyle and make the necessary adjustments to prevent this phenomenon of waking up tired Adopting good habits will allow you to sleep peacefully and wake up relaxed.

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