Adaptogens: As Alternative Medicine, another Way To Be Healthy

There are certain plants known as "adaptogens" that transfer their survival potential to man when consumed.

“Adaptogens” are any substance external to an organism that increases its energy, organization and biochemical intelligence in parallel or separately that will result in an automatic increase in endurance level, without side effects.

According to the scientific definition, this should increase the resistance of the organism, without causing negative consequences by strengthening the nervous and endocrine systems. This indirectly also provides an increase in other systems such as cardiovascular, immune and circulatory, among others.

The term adaptogens is a neologism, that is to say, a new word that starts from the concept of adaptation. Everything is based on the discovery of certain plants and their organic tannins, which increases people’s resistance and accommodation to certain difficult conditions of life.


  • They improve the speed of mental response.
  • Optimize hormonal levels.
  • They prevent and cure diseases by increasing body resistance to aggressive agents.
  • Increase tolerance to extreme temperatures.
  • Increase organic resistance of excess physical loads.

How do Adaptogens work?

They tend to work at the cellular level to help the body to counteract stress conditions. When the body is subjected to “stressors”, certain bad molecules block the transformation of sugar into energy by the cell; adaptogens can counteract the harmful effects by inhibiting damaged molecules, thus stimulating the conversion of sugar into cellular energy.


  • They stimulate organic “intelligence” to generate a normalizing tendency of bodily functions.
  • They provide bi-directional action.
  • They do not cause addiction or any side effects.
  • They increase organic longevity.
  • Fortify the immune system.
  • Increases resistance to toxins found in the environment.
  • Counteracts ulcer formation.
  • They improve the emotional tone by regulating the excesses of adrenaline that put persons in a bad mood.
  • They improve the ability of motor coordination and mental faculties.
  • Increase the ability to regulate and maintain body temperature during times of stress and exposure to cold or heat.
  • They develop the resistance of an organism to overcome the negative impacts of life such as depression, mental or physical exhaustion, pollution, emotional shock, virus attack, surgery recovery, among others.
  • Optimizes the communication between the neurological and the endocrine systems.

Adaptogens vs. Vitamins.

Vitamins are part of the internal biochemical processes. And they contribute to well-being in the sense that their deficiency causes disease. In other words, the vitamin does not cure diseases unless they are caused by their lack-off. On the other hand, adaptogens enhance well-being continually.

Both support the intelligence, energy, and organization of the biological system. Vitamins are indispensable for the normal functioning of the body, without them the organism would die, while adaptogens are not essential when there is an optimal health situation.

Vitamin components help keep the body healthy, however, they do not heal a sick person alone. Adaptogens help prevents diseases and can cure. Some vitamins are antioxidants, while most of the adaptogens also are and in a higher proportion than vitamins.

Healing and prevention.

The primary adaptogens are those that are used in a preventive way when the organism is in the alarm phase and chronic disease has not yet occurred, strengthening the nervous, endocrine, immune and especially the cardiovascular system.

At the time when there is evidence of chronic disease, it is necessary for addition to using the primary adaptogens, to prescribe the secondary bidirectional adaptogens described for specific pathologies. As these repair possible damages. If physical ailments or organic malfunctions occur, then you must work with both adaptogens (primary and secondary) whose combination allows therapeutic effects.

Primary Adaptogens:


Optimizes the functioning of the heart, improves the pulmonary system, increases sperm motility, and regulates blood pressure among other benefits.

Asiatic Spark.

It is a diuretic, healing, cleansing blood purifier of the lymphatic system and contributes to weight loss.

American Ginseng

Essential in cases of breast cancer, type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, contributes to the immune system.

White Korean Gingseng.

It provides mental energy and fights stress.

Secondary Adaptogens:

Black Acerola.

Avoids uterine cramps, predisposition to abortion, antispasmodic.

Milk Thistle.

Combats hepatitis, bile deficiency, cirrhosis, liver poisoning. It helps with breastfeeding.


Collagen source, against kidney stones, incontinence and promotes healing of fractures.

White Hawthorn.

Prevents poor blood flow to the heart, cholesterol, irregular pressure and arrhythmia.

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