With the aim of promoting employment, tourist activity and urban-landscape beautification of the City of Puntarenas, on February 14th, the project ‘Parque Muellero’ (Dock Park) -which is an architectural space with a very unique design- was inaugurated. It extends along 800 meters facing the sea, between the Pacific Marine Park and the Puntarenas Tourist Pier on the ‘Paseo de Los Turistas’.

Puntarenas tourist pier, where cruises moor alongside it

The Executive President of the Costa Rican Institute of Pacific Ports (INCOP), Juan Ramón Rivera, said that “this tourism project seeks to beautify the seafront of the City of Puntarenas, with the purpose of revitalizing and reviving economic activity in that area, and offering tourists and cruise more recreation and stay areas”.

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The project design is inspired by ‘Palmeral de las Sorpresas’ of Malaga City, and includes elements sea elements such as marine animals, waves, and palm trees. It has a system of pergolas that simulate the skeleton of whales, 2 internal areas dedicated to the ‘Virgin of the Sea’ and the sculpture of the Puntarenas Dock, as well as an amphitheater to enjoy the sea and the sunset.

The project includes green areas, solid waste stations, parking for vehicles, bus stop, 2 half-moons overlooking the sea and access with ramps for entry to the beach for people with disabilities.

The park has a unique architectural design with pillars simulating the vertebrae of whales

The inauguration activity took place during the emblematic sunset that characterizes Puntarenas, revealing one of the most attractive qualities of the Dock Park, a unique show full of colors achieved through a fine lighting system that extends along the vertebrae, of recreation areas and sculptures.

As Rivera explained, this lighting system will allow the City of Puntarenas to be decorated during special celebrations and commemorative dates, since the Park can be illuminated to commemorate some events, such as white, blue, and red during the ‘mes Patrio’ (Homeland’s month) or pink during the month of the ‘Fight against Breast Cancer’, among others.

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