You Cannot Miss the Anual Migration of Whales to Costa Rica

Every year Costa Ricans feel fortunate because, in the waters that are along with this beautiful country, various sea mammals decide to come and dwell with us. Whales are part of these marine species, which decide to be in Costa Rica to mate, give birth and raise their young.

According to experts, there is two distinctive migration process of whales to Costa Rica:     A) Alaska / California Migration: They arrive in Costa Rica in December and are here until April.

  1. B) Antarctica: They arrive in Costa Rica in July and remain here until November.

The most common whale species that enjoy the waters of Costa Rica are Humpback whales that spend more than six months a year in our waters. On several occasions, you can see them being accompanied by Pilot whales, which are the second-largest oceanic dolphin. Their migration route is 11,500 miles (18507.5 kilometers).

How and where to observe the whales in Costa Rica?

There are places in Costa Rica, where you can always get lucky and watch whales, in many of them you don’t need to go so far away from the coast. In Santa Rosa National Park, specifically at “Witch’s Rock”, you can watch the whales from August or September.

Whale Watching Tour in Costa Rica

In the national parks of Uvita and Marino Ballena, you can also appreciate the whales. By the way, the Marino Ballena park (Puntarenas), was created specifically to protect the areas of water where whales inhabit since it is considered the best place in Costa Rica to see Humpback whales. The Osa Peninsula, the Gulf of Papagayo and the Gulf of Nicoya are also ideal to appreciate these species of mammals that make up part of the rich biodiversity of Costa Rica.

If you decide to go to any of the places you should take into account to take along medication for nausea since the waters are very choppy; Also, to capture these great moments of watching the whales, do not leave at home your digital cameras. It is important to plan and decide which Natural Park will you take as the first option.

In the case of Dominical or Uvita, there are a variety of hotels, also tour operators that work diverse whale tours.

The Costa Rica News invites you to be part of this experience that will undoubtedly leave a lifetime of great memories from the country where biodiversity makes a difference and with the people who make you feel at home.


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