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    Costa Rica Is a Place for Enjoyment!

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    Costa Rica is the best example that in a small piece of land you can hide great wonders, so it is not surprising that our lands are a listed tourist destination. We are famous for our warm beaches, the lush forests, our majestic volcanoes, extreme adventures, and the romantic nooks from our land.

    If something characterizes this country is the wide possibility of carrying out all extreme adventure activities that take place outdoors. Canopy, rafting, abseiling, night walks, climbing, and kayaking are some of the possibilities that can be done in natural parks such as the Marco Antonio Natural Park that combines a beautiful white sand beach with the lush vegetation of the rainforest.

    Canopy trip in Costa Rica
    Canopy trip in Costa Rica

    Another of the destinations, dreamed for travelers who want to fill their adventures with a ride, is the Osa Peninsula, where they also have the possibility of doing night walks, practicing yoga in the middle of the trees, and watching dolphins and whales in their natural habitat. From there, you can also take a walk to the famous Corcovado Natural Park and enjoy a delicious glass of wine to close the night in this paradisiacal place.

    There is nothing better than knowing the richness of a place and learning from it, living it through the experiences of local people, and taking each moment as an opportunity for growth because we emerged in culture. Try different foods, learn new words, adopt new habits, and make new friends. All this and more will lead us to break old beliefs and rediscover a little more each day.

    Because our country can enjoy many wonders of which we have not yet had the pleasure of enjoying them. This is where the importance of allowing us to open our mind without judging falls.

    In the sight of different opportunities we allow ourselves to enrich ourselves in each visited culture and we learn more about our personal experience, other societies, other ways of living and other geographical environments. Accompanied by the charisma and idiosyncrasy that are those aspects that allows us to have fun consciously making us go home being better human beings

    On many occasions, knowing other places will seem very strange. It will keep us unsafe in some cases, unhealthy or simply meaningless, but there is always a lesson in life to learn and if we are willing, it will be very beneficial for our personal environment.

    Costa Rica allows you to enjoy its most cultural and historical regions, where its tourism and entertainment sites can vary in terms of the dynamic and fun. You can also get to know our most mystical and religious places that deserve our time and attention and where being alone with God will make you understand the beauty of our riches.

    Costa Rica, in a few words, is a paradise full of riches that God has given us the privilege of knowing it.

    Manuel Antonio National Park

    Manuel Antonio is located in the Central Pacific of the country, 3 hours from Juan Santamaría International Airport. It is one of the most popular destinations in Costa Rica, due to the scenic beauty of the Manuel Antonio National Park, which combines a beautiful white sand beach with a lush forest.

    Aerial View of Manuel Antonio National Park

    They can enjoy activities such as canopy, rafting, and rappel. You can also take an internal flight of 25 minutes to get here.

    Gulf of Papagayo

    It is the perfect destination for travelers in search of luxurious hotels and beautiful beaches of white and dark sand.

    To get here, you can take a 4-hour road trip from Juan Santamaría International Airport; Or, you can take an internal 45-minute flight from San José to Daniel Oduber International Airport and then take a 30-minute road trip to the hotel.

    Osa Peninsula

    As a road trip to this destination would take about 7 or 8 hours, we recommend taking an internal flight of 45 minutes if you want to visit this area.

    Osa Peninsula, Mata Palo tour guide hike

    This destination is ideal for nature lovers, and for those who wish to live a unique experience in the forest. Here, it is possible to disconnect from noise and stress, and only enjoy time as a couple. Night walks, yoga classes and whale and dolphin watching tours are popular activities in this area.

    We will also find times to meet God

    Costa Rican Churches: The Metropolitan Cathedral, the Church of the Mercedes de San José, the Cathedral of Alajuela, and the excellent Basilica of Our Lady of the Angels, our patron saint in Cartago.

    As you see, in Costa Rica you can find from boutique hotels where to share intimate and significant moments, to luxurious spas to enjoy a massage and watch the sunset after a day of extreme adventures. Finally, we recommend that you can define the destination according to your tastes and preferenc so that you can have a perfect stay.

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