Who Are the Indigo Children?

    They Are also Called "Evolved" Children

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    The so-called evolved beings have been part of the world since time immemorial, so sometimes we see typical characteristics of them in some adults. In the last years, they began to be born with greater frequency. But in recent decades, we have seen the proliferation of children much more developed, more active, whose spiritual gifts stand out.

    Many people do not understand the way and the reason why children around them behave differently than expected and, in fact, the changes are appreciated with simple things, for example, newborns are able to hold their heads but also In them, very advanced spiritual powers such as intuition, telepathy, and telekinesis are observed. Undoubtedly, these children are endowed with greater intelligence and mental strength.

    They are also called “evolved” children

    The indigo child is a creature whose psychological attributes separate it from what is estimated as normal. The term indigo refers to the color that is identified with the characteristic aura of them: blue indigo, a color that reflects spiritual development. However, as we are talking about highly developed creatures, I prefer to call them evolved children instead of indigo children as they are popularly known. One of the reasons is that among the smallest have been cataloged new vibrations in this accelerated process of evolution in which we are.

    We know that humans use less than 15% of our intellectual capacity. It is believed that understanding evolved children use a much higher percentage than the normal human being. An explanation of the characteristic nervousness of these children is that the minds of these creatures move between different dimensions since they receive information of different dimensions simultaneously. This may explain why they may look disconnected from reality, from their parents and their teachers.

    Do not get confused; evolution does not mean a beatific state, I am not talking about angels but souls motivated to achieve a purpose, a mission: to walk to human beings towards the golden era, a time that has been spoken of in various sacred texts; a stage where harmony and good will prevail. All the objectives involve a process, an effort, and sometimes even doing inexplicable things.

    Evolved children will play a very important role. Knowing the importance of the goal to which they are going, they will do whatever is necessary to reach it, because they do not feel fear. In their function as a mirror of society, they will reflect what happens, and sometimes it will be violence.

    That is, if it is in order for us to pay attention in other words, it is as if we were told “to stop right here and see what you are doing”; and in doing so, force the family or society to evaluate themselves and implement the changes that will help them become better. They have not come to the world to cleanse their karma or solve those problems they faced in past lives, but they are here to guide us in the transition. They are a reflection of the family and the society that surrounds them.

    Indigo children often have a profound sense of perception

    In what way do they help us?

    Children can irritate their parents and teachers with their advanced psychic abilities and magical powers because they know more than they do. The insistence on the truth drives them to behave badly when they perceive that we are doing things that take us away from our ability to be concentrated, happy, and happier.

    They cannot stand the lies, it affects them negatively to observe that we are unhappy and that we seem the opposite. For example, when we live in a home where lies predominate, where parents say “we are happy” but in reality they are miserable, behave badly, stop going to school and in extreme cases, they can rob in a store or even kill.

    They are frequently diagnosed with Deficit Disorder and Attention with Hyperactivity and are treated with medications to eliminate problems of concentration and attention in hyperactive children.

    How do we recognize them?

    Evolved children share some typical characteristics:

    • They have a lack of attention difficulty to concentrate.
    • Stomach pains and depression when feeling the pain and violence that surrounds them.
    • They can be geniuses on the computer and in other areas that interest them, often high-tech, and yet they work with simpler things at school.
    • They may feel bored if what they are teaching is not important to them.
    • They have overflowing energy.
    • They have the ability to heal.

    Are they slaves of their power?

    Being children more sensitive, less manipulative highly developed, and with the mission to propel changes in humanity, the main problem they face is the lack of understanding of those around them… How can we help them? Keep in mind that these children will become adults, and we must facilitate them to participate in society so that they succeed in achieving their goal: that we live in a world of greater peace, harmony, and happiness.

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