Our Inner Change Process

To Change Our World, We Must Change Ourselves

There are many ways that we have been taught and programmed to follow a pattern of repressing and hiding our emotions, pushing through pain, living in a state of stress, and finding value in doing more and doing it fast. This approach to life leaves little room for true healing, making positive changes, or living in joy and empowerment. It also keeps us distracted from a path of self-realization and commitment to awakening.

Most of us have endured pain, sickness, and/or trauma in our lives. Unless those experiences are acknowledged, and the emotions attached to them are felt, processed, and released, the energy and feelings from these events can remain within our consciousness and can manifest as pain and sickness in our bodies.

The painful process of inner change

There is no jumping from sick, hurting, or broken into joyful, empowered, healthy living without doing the holy work of cleaning out the parts that have kept you rooted in limitation and pain.

The past must be healed for your dreams of the future to be possible. We must find those places within us where we have been tied to the past through pain, hurt, unforgiveness, trauma, etc. -and cut the cords that have bound us.

Nature exists within a splendidly mystical spiral of life and death, always changing forms of energy, and this same falling away to give way for new life is part of the of awakening and healing process as well.

To reach the pinnacles of personal success, optimal health, and joy-filled living, we often have to stop and allow ourselves to become undone. In this place of falling apart, we become like the caterpillar in the chrysalis – we become mush in order to transform. We let go of all we have so dearly grasped and clung to, and we allow ourselves to fall into the abyss and surrender to the unknown. We allow for our death to be reborn. This is not a literal physical death, yet a death of all that has blocked us from expressing our divine potential and empowered self.

It can be a terrifying process, especially depending on how deep you go and how much you let go of. For myself this process had me letting go of homes, career, country, partners, businesses, friends, money, and more. I felt at times like I was gambling with my life. Taking risks and jumping off cliffs hoping I could fly. Yet something in me kept urging me and telling me that I had to trust and let go… I had to allow myself to forget who I thought I was, forget what I thought I was doing, and allow myself to travel my own multidimensional self and bring healing to those places where I was holding onto pain, or fear, or whatever limiting vibration there may have been.

There were times I felt, and may even have appeared, crazy. I went into feelings of depression, anxiety, resentment, anger, hopelessness, fatigue, loneliness, feeling lost, and more. I allowed myself the freedom to cry, to scream, to feel feelings to their fullest, to do nothing, to sleep, to hide, to take time. I went so deep I feared at times I may never return. Yet I did return… like a Phoenix rising from the ashes. It was in this letting go of how I had been doing things, the protection of my ego, and my hurt and fears that I allowed brokenness to happen, and a death to happen, so that a real release and liberation from trauma and pain could occur.

In the letting go we lighten up. We are liberated from baggage and attachments to the pain of our stories. In surrendering we allow space for facing fears, and acknowledging stuck or repressed emotions, and allowing them the opportunity to flow and be released.

Deep meditation on the water surface

Here in this sacred art of falling apart, we give ourselves to the process of metamorphosis and rebirth. We become initiates in the holy flame of transformation.

It is in the stripping away of everything that is not really part of our authentic self, letting go of all that stands between us and joy or health or whatever it is that we are seeking to be complete… It is in this falling apart that we can release everything that is not us, or not good for us, and we can discover the truth of who we are. We can start to see the real person, the real passions, the real hopes, and we can begin to build upon that … yet only after we let go of all the rest.

To change our world we must change ourselves. The process of revolutionary action to create positive and lasting changes for all of humanity begins within each of us. I am a firm believer that we are all being called on a journey of awakening and healing. We are all invited to become catalysts for change. The personal healing process is the starting point for spiritual awakening, and creating a life of empowered, healthy living.

It is not an easy path, yet it is a rewarding one. For those who push through the obstacles and allow for the healing process to unfold within their lives, there is much to gain. We may start out crawling and struggling, yet we have the potential of glorious flight if we stay the course.

SOURCEZahrah Sita
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