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    Our Inner Change Process

    There are many ways that we have been taught and programmed to follow a pattern of repressing and hiding our emotions, pushing through pain,...
    Gnosis Journey Secret Waterfall

    Gnosis Journey: Knowledge of Spiritual Mysteries

    Are you ready to discover gnosis? To answer the call to nature, to knowledge, to Source? To challenge the limits of your body, activate your mind,...
    Gnosis Danny at Waterfall

    Gnosis Journey: Surrender to the Jungle

    Answer the call to nature, to knowledge, to Source… Do you desire to challenge your body, activate your mind, and expand your awareness? To connect with...
    Vision Quest Men Waterfall Trek

    Vision Quest: A Journey Within

    A Brotherhood of Game-Changers Seeks to Expand their Consciousness through Vision Quest: A Journey Within What is consciousness? What is the nature of reality? How can I...

    Radical Natural Healing Part 2

    READ PART I Click Here After Zahrah's radical transformation and healing from cancer, she helped co-found an educational and healing program in the mountains of...
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