The Most Exciting Tourist Activities in Costa Rica

The Best Idea Is to Visit the Country for a Lengthy Period of Time

For those tourists who like to explore new places and actually get immersed in the country’s real life, sitting near the hotel pool is not enough. If you are one of those people, perhaps visiting Costa Rica and seeing its incredible locations will be one of the best vacation options for you. Believe us, you will have no time to sit and be bored. Explore the most exciting activities and the most beautiful places in Costa Rica!

The best idea is to visit the country for a lengthy period of time, say, at least one month. You will be able to work remotely, do everything you actually do when at home, even checking some xhamster live cams info, etc., but at the same time, you will be able to travel around and get familiar with local life and natural wonders. So, if you are interested in this option, let’s discuss the most exciting tourist activities you can engage in Costa Rica.

Zip Lines And Canopy Tours

The country is rich in hills and mountains, you will enjoy the most variable landscapes, and as the natural consequence, you will be able to have a breathtaking ride on the most extreme zip lines. These are not your usual zip lines from one bank of the river to the other than you can ride in 2 minutes. Tourists travel from the highest possible points down through the canopy, viewing the landscapes from above, watching birds on the trees, and of course, experiencing a powerful adrenaline rush. You should definitely try these zip lines out.

Costa Rica Beaches

The seashore of Costa Rica is so beautiful than a bunch of recent movies have scenes shot on one of the local beaches. The sand and cliffs are very picturesque, and the water is clean and makes swimming a real pleasure. Enjoy sunsets and romantic atmosphere on remote beaches, or have fun visiting parties on more crowded and popular ones. This choice is up to you, but you should try both.

Rainforest, National Parks And Reserves

Depending on the part of the country you stay in, google the most popular national parks or reserves near you to visit. You will be able to see the real wonders of nature, watch exotic animals in their natural habitat, find out more about local traditions and history, and just enjoy the flora, fauna, and clean air of the reserves.


This aspect of Costa Rica is a total must-see for any decent tourist. Check out what volcano you can visit, and see at least one of them. These volcanoes create an unforgettable impression, and you will remember your experience for the rest of your life. It is totally safe to go to volcanoes with the guide, so you can be sure about your security.


Another must-see for any guest is Costa Rica’s amazing waterfalls. There are 7 the biggest waterfalls in the country and lots of smaller ones that are also very beautiful. Not seeing the volcanos and not seeing the waterfalls means not seeing Costa Rica!

6 Must Try Activities For Your Costa Rica Vacation | TCRN
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