Get to Know the Funniest and Best Paid Jobs in the World

    Are you ready for a career change? Then consider these fun options.

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    It is said that there are no fun jobs since only the word work implies effort and responsibility; however, this is usually said by negative people. If you are one of them the first thing you should do is change your attitude and be more optimistic in this life, everything can be achieved with the right effort, knowing where luck can be sought, because instead of waiting for the goddess of fortune to come to knock on your door, you have to go out and look for her.

    Before starting the search for fun and well-paid jobs such as working on a cruise ship or on an airline you must free yourself from any stressful situation of any kind. Stress will only make you feel more tired, demotivated and therefore take longer to find the type of work you want or even not find it, because you are too worried about focusing on your true goal.

    Flexibility will be very important to find a fun and well-paid job. Remember that even if the work you find is well paid, this will not exempt you from fulfilling all your obligations and you will even have to be more flexible than in other types of work. Many of these jobs require the employee to work long hours, overnight, for weeks, followed without days off or on weekends.

    For example, being a tour guide for excursions and tours is a fun and well-paid job. True? However, forget about the traditional summer vacations since during this time of the year you will have to work practically every day since it is the high season of tourism. Besides, if you work in a very popular area on weekends you will have to deal with hundreds of visitors and you may even have to work some nights to do night excursions (bar legends tours). But do not be discouraged, this job also falls into the fun and well-paid category, because in addition to your regular salary, you will receive tips and meet people from all over the world.

    Now let’s move on to other fun and well-paid jobs. Next, we show you a list with the best online options according to Internet users themselves. Will this be the job you are looking for?

    Movie Double.

    If you like action movies and are in good shape maybe in a few years you can double the most difficult scenes of Brad Pitt or Penelope Cruz. You will immerse yourself in the atmosphere of Hollywood.


    In this work you will have to drink wine, go to parties, events and impress important people in the best restaurants in the world, thanks to your wine knowledge and best of all, they will pay you for it.

    community manager.

    Any small, medium or large company wants success online and needs to be present in social networks. And who takes care of this? The Community Manager, a profession in which your office will be anywhere you want.

    Professional makeup artist.

    Can you imagine working for the artists of magazines and television and meeting them in private? This will be possible if you become a professional makeup artist.

    Event Planner.

    If you are a sociable person who likes to go to events, why don’t you dedicate yourself to organizing them? Currently, there is a great demand for this sector and you can plan, weddings, anniversaries and private parties.


    If you are a good image creator you can take advantage of this special ability to use it in photography, surely customers will require you.

    Professional tourist.

    Travel lovers are in luck. Although most do not know, tourism is a great sector for those who want to make a living traveling first or resting in a hammock. A good example is the airline critics, workers of an airline that are dedicated to travel with the competition to find out what they offer. You can also work as a honeymoon tester the best way to spend two weeks in a tourist place.

    Poker Professional.

    It is a profession in which you travel a lot and earn a lot of money, but in which you run the risk of losing everything in a bad hand of cards. There are tournaments all over the world and in Las Vegas, a winning world championship is played, and it takes a lot of money.

    Luxury bed tester.

    It is possibly the most relaxing job in the world. Sleep in luxury beds to test their quality, in the middle of a bed shop or sleep from 10 in the morning until 6 in the afternoon, and then talk about the experience in a blog. The only requirement is to have a deep sleep.

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