Social Networks and Blockchain, New, Innovative and Unique Decentralized Projects

New communications alternatives are breaking ground

Blockchain technology, is compatible with the wide range of existing applications, is currently used to develop hundreds of projects. In this particular case, new environments and social networks merge to present novel projects based on this theory.


De-centralized social networks are new platforms in which there is no type of participation, no entity or state government. In other words, no government entity can control its operation. These, in turn, became very popular after the heated scandal that lived Mark Zuckerberg, creator of the social network Facebook. Due to the use of data from 87 million users by Cambridge Analytica during the 2016 presidential campaign in the United States where Donald Trump would win.

Social networks and Blockchain

It is hoped that this new generation of social networks will achieve a positive impact. Although it is difficult to compete with the popularity that traditional social networks have achieved like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Being supported by blockchain technology, its structure creates a scheme that rewards users and content creators for the acquisition of native tokens.

This can be between, as most people are accustomed to registering for free on traditional social networks without making any monetary contribution. Although on the other hand, the strength of these networks are the possible rewards with cryptocurrencies that you can obtain when entering any of these platforms.

Social networks, new, innovative and unique protected:

Ong Social

Blockchain and social media

The experts started working on the development of this network since 2017. It will work with Blockchain, Ethereum, and Waves. According to the explanation that appears on its official website, the social network is responsible for motivating the public to present their own content and quality in order to prevent the appearance of false news within the structure of this network.
The blockchain is transforming through a technology resistant to censorship that puts people in control of their data. Christopher J. Kramer, founder, and CEO of this project.


Its founders are Ned Scott and Dan Larimer, also creators of Bitshares. This network has an operation similar to the one mentioned above. Only it works with another type of cryptocurrency in this case called Steam. Users can vote in favor of or against its content. The most downloaded content will be given a reward in this type of cryptocurrency.


Is the name of a social network, whose operation is free and of open creation. Its structure is similar to that of the social network Twitter. This network concept was launched in October 2016. Despite Mastodon’s strong resemblance to Twitter, its structure is 100% decentralized. The reason that has managed to attract the attention of about 1300 users approximately in its infancy. It currently has around 182,511 users who have shared approximately 6,689,405 states. Its creator is Eugen Rochko, who states that his objective when initiating the development of this project was clear. Offer an alternative to the gaps and problems of data leaks that are now having famous social networks such as Twitter and Facebook. Its operation occurs through several instances, that is, in this particular case, smaller communities intervene. These establish their regulations regarding the content that will be disseminated and its users.
Mastodon and its characteristics

Blockchain network

A giant mammoth with a mobile phone between its legs. That is the logo of mastodont, the social network that is competing with Twitter to reach the first place of popularity. It is an open source platform that, like other social networks, has a wall where messages and content are displayed. Mastodon is not built to sell your data to advertisers. Anyone can see the code and make improvements because it is meant for people. And it is still under supervision. Eugen Rochko unveiled the developer and creator of the mastodon.

The access and use of this social network are free. The publication of states is known as Toots. This acronym, ie Toots, is made up of the phrase “multimedia content text and mentions”. A Toot can be evidenced or not within the history according to how the user decides. These are 500 characters, or they can also be of multimedia elements such as photographs, videos or gifs. Its structure, like Twitter, allows the use of the hashtag and also mentions to other users.

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