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    PayPal Will Allow Transactions in Cryptocurrencies as of 2021

    As of next year, PayPal will begin managing transactions in cryptocurrency. Its customers will have the possibility of using cryptocurrencies to buy and sell...

    Blockchain Technology: Get to Know What It Is and How It Works

    The term Blockchain sometimes referred to as electronic cryptocurrencies and another referred to as the printing of signatures with confidence for electronic documents. But...

    Social Networks and Blockchain, New, Innovative and Unique Decentralized Projects

    Blockchain technology, is compatible with the wide range of existing applications, is currently used to develop hundreds of projects. In this particular case, new...

    Protecting Your Website From Spammers And Online Threats Approaches to Stop Spam Activity On...

    There are multiple approaches employed by websites to stop spam users. For instance, when registering, users are often asked to enter captcha codes from...

    What is an ICO?

    Chances are that you might have stumbled upon the term “ICO” elsewhere and probably wondered what it is about. If this is your first...
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