Curiosities About Hedgehogs

Some Tips for Those Who Have Them as Pets

In recent years, ground hedgehogs have become one of the animals that humans choose as pets. Despite this, there are some details that cannot be overlooked, such as the fact that they are not domestic animals and that they belong to a wild nature, which is why the care is more specific, according to the Animal Expert website.

If you adopted a hedgehog to have it as a pet or are thinking about doing it, consider the following tips:

Types. The first thing you should know is that there are about 16 types of ground hedgehogs, being that the African pygmy and the long-eared are the most common to have as pets. These measure between 10-15 centimeters and can weigh 400 grams.

A cute hedgehog

Barbs. According to the portal, a ground hedgehog can have up to 5,000 barbs on the back, which are hollow, have keratin, a flexible base, and function as its defense mechanism. That is to say, in moments of calm these animals usually hide the barbs and when they feel threatened they can use them to defend themselves.

Sounds. Some of these animals usually emit sounds like grunts or squeals to communicate. In addition, they have a good hearing and a great sense of smell.

Smells. Another curiosity of the hedgehogs is that sometimes when they perceive new smells, they can cause a foam to cover the spines.

Solitaires. These animals are lonely and timid, some could even sleep for most of the day, leaving room to play alone in the mornings or at dusk.

Diseases. Some of the most common discomforts are colds, obesity, diarrhea, vomiting, and cracked ears.

Remember that before adopting any animal, it is best to know their needs and consult a veterinarian for the care they need.

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