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    The Costa Rican “Charlies Angels”, Rescuing Abandoned Pets

    Rescuing Abandoned Pets

    New Normal: If you Go on a Trip, there are also Hotels for Pets

    In most homes there is always at least one pet, which usually happens to be another member of the family. And is that pets are very popular around the world
    Domestic Animals, Pets that Fall Ill Part III children

    Pets that Fall Ill Part III

    Caring for a family pet is a great learning experience for a child since it teaches at a practical level the concepts of responsibility, delicacy, and respect for living things. Like adults, children can also benefit from the company and love of their pets, as well as the relationship they share with them
    Domestic Animals Pets That Fall Ill Part II.jpg

    Domestic Animals: Pets That Fall Ill Part II

    This time we will give some recommendations for health care while you are in contact with your pets, those animals that are undoubtedly part of the family

    Diseases that can be Transmitted by our Pets

    Pets are our adorable companions, but sometimes they can transmit certain illness that can seriously affect our health. Here we present some of these ailments that can be contracted if we do not learn to adequately handle our pets

    My Faithful Friend

    Before choosing an ideal pet, important aspects must be taken into account; First of all, you should consider if you are prepared to have...
    pet friendly Costa Rica

    Are There Any Pet-Friendly Universities or Colleges in the UK?

    Pets have always been a good company to anyone. While dogs are probably the most common type of pet, some young people might want...

    Curiosities About Hedgehogs

    In recent years, ground hedgehogs have become one of the animals that humans choose as pets. Despite this, there are some details that cannot...

    Requirements and Costs to Travel Abroad with Your Pet from Costa Rica

    When making a trip, one of the most common wishes of both Costa Rican citizens and tourists is to be able to take their...

    Now Dogs Can Also Go to College!

    One of the greatest wishes of all dog lovers is to be able to take your pet with you anywhere you go. In Costa...

    Love For Our Pets: The Best Trends

    In Costa Rica, families once had mixed-breed dogs, known as zaguates, which they fed with household waste and gave little attention to their health....

    How to Take Care of Your Pet in Christmas Season

    In Christmas season, the use of pyrotechnic devices (commonly known as fireworks) is a custom in various places in the world. Costa Rica does...

    Benefits of Adopting a Dog

    Having a dog at home is a huge blessing. That is why you make the most of all the benefits that a pet will...
    Bring your pets to Costa Rica

    How To Move Your Pets to Costa Rica

    So you did it – you made the decision to move to Costa Rica. You have found the perfect spot to start your new...

    How I Adopted a Dog

    I did it! I adopted a dog, one week ago! It’s a shoe chewing, golden, playful, approximately 6 months old, happy, almost a grown-up, female,...

    Costa Rican Children are Contracting Eye Worms Due to Negligent Pet Owners

    A condition called ocular toxocariasis (colloquially, "eye worms") is transmitted by a worm-shaped parasite found in the feces of infected dogs and can enter...

    Costa Rica’s Newest Hotel Trends: Catering to Specific Types of Travelers

    There are a growing number of Costa Rica hotels that cater to particular groups of travelers. Some hotels cater to people who bring their...

    Police Rescue a Raccoon on Leash in Puntarenas

    The Costa Rica News (TCRN) – A raccoon being walked on a leash in the middle of Puntarenas was seized this morning by security...

    Costa Ricans Prefer Exotic Pets Like Hedgehogs

    The Costa Rica News (TCRN) - "Man's best friend" is the timeless and favorite pet, but now there's more competition in the race to...

    Many of Costa Rica's Animal Shelters Are 'Off the Books'

    The Costa Rica News (TCRN) - The majority of people who decide to convert their farms and land into shelters for street animals do not...

    More Sea Lion Sightings in Southern Costa Rica

    The Costa Rica News (TCRN) - A smaller, younger sea lion was seen at Punta Banco de Pavones in the South Zone during the...
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