74% of Costa Rican Residents with Pets Want More Animal-Friendly Businesses

    A full survey about pets in our country

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    74% of residents in the Greater Metropolitan Area (GAM) of Costa Rica and with pets in their homes want more animal-friendly businesses.This is reflected in a recent study carried out by the firm UnimerCentroamérica, which interviewed 387 people, men and women of legal age, and from different socioeconomic levels.

    This survey found that 99% of the people consulted have a pet. Among them (multiple answers can add up to more than 100%):

    Dogs: 85%

    Cats: 59%

    Parrots: 7%

    Fish: 7%

    Turtle: 4%

    Given that dogs are the most widespread pet, the pollsters asked: do you agree with the fact that shopping centers, hardware stores, restaurants and stores allow access to dogs?Just over 7 out of 10 people responded affirmatively. 18% said they didn’t care and only 8% disagreed.

    People were also asked: how Pet Friendly would you say the businesses in Costa Rica are with regards to pets?70% said that businesses are not yet. 30% thought that they are

    Have you taken your dog to pet-friendly hotels, restaurants or shopping malls?

    Yes: 48%. No: 52%

    Adoption first

    Unimer also found that the people consulted have chosen more to adopt than to buy.When asked: how did you get your pet or pets? (multiple answers can add up to more than 100%).The 6 reasons with the most mentions are:

    30%: a neighbor or friend gave it to me for adoption

    24%: they gave it to me as a gift

    20%: I adopted her from a shelter

    16%: it arrived at my house and I left it

    13%: a family member could not take care of her and gave her to me

    12%: I bought it at a specialized breeder

    Other questions:

    How often do you take your pet to the vet:

    36%: when they get sick

    33%: twice a year

    18%: every 3 months

    9%: once a month

    3%: never

    1%: NS/NR

    Type of food you give your pet:

    38%: concentrated food alone

    37: concentrated food and sometimes I add meat and chicken

    16%: concentrated food and sometimes I add vegetables or fruit

    8%: concentrated food and sometimes I add bones

    1%: what the family eats at home

    In which area do you invest the most in your pet? (multiple answers can add up to more than 100%):

    94%: concentrated food

    40%: hygiene products

    34%: medicines

    18%: prizes

    9%: Toys

    Do you usually take your dog on long-distance walks?

    Yes 64%

    No 36%

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