Explore “El Sendero De Los Reyes”: The Sacred Route of the Bribriand Cabécar Indigenous People

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    Get to know the Sendero de los Reyes, a route that runs behind Cerro del Tigre, an eminent sacred mountain for the Bribri culture.This ancestral path, known as the “Path of the Kings”, has been traveled by their ancestors for more than 5 thousand years.

    Indigenous path

    “El Sendero de los Reyes” represents the Chinese Wall for the Bribri and Cabécar culture. It is an amazing engineering achievement, which divides the territory of both peoples. From here, you can see Kamuk Hill, the oceans and the sacred land. If you continue until the end, it leads to Cartago,” explained Roger Blanco, member of the Bribri indigenous community and tour guide.

    This one-day itinerary lasts approximately four hours.During the journey, visitors will have the opportunity to see various types of waterfalls.”The waterfalls in the Bribri territory are distinguished from those on the Cabecar side, which is intrinsically linked to our history. The waterfalls on the Lari River slope tend to have an inclination, while those on the Bribri side fall vertically,” said Blanco. .

    Spiritual place

    Spiritual beings live in this forest, guardians of the forest who manifest themselves through nature.Access to the territory requires maintaining respect and obeying the instructions of the local guides. Screaming is prohibited, and visitors must abide by spiritual recommendations, such as carrying a pinch of annatto in their right pocket, a suggestion from local wise men to be welcomed in the jungle.

    “If a visitor observes something during the tour, it is recommended not to mention it at that moment, but to write it down mentally and discuss it at the end of the day. This helps not to distract the guide and avoids becoming disoriented, since even a small detour can be dangerous in the jungle, which has its own energy and strength,” they added.

    This trip can be organized through the KoswakUsure agency, made up of members of the Bribri community who wish to share their culture and the natural wonders of Talamanca, always respecting traditions.Visitors can stay at Koswak Lodge and enjoy nights in communion with nature, offering maximum comforts in Amubri, Talamanca.

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