San Carlos Girl Asks to Feed Stray Dogs for Birthday Present

    Parents thank God for having a daughter with such a noble heart

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    Heimy Morera Ramírez, a girl from San Carlos demonstrated her immense love for animals and her selfless way of being, by asking for a birthday present to feed the homeless puppies.

    Her mother, Lorena Ramírez, says that, very early, her daughter prepared food, water and even cookies to share with the dogs that she was going to run into on April 20th, the day of her 9th birthday.

    “One day we were lying in the room and she told me she wanted a gift for her birthday, and she said, ‘Mommy, I want to give food and love to the street dogs as a gift,’ and I said, ‘Yes, my love.’ We were without a car, but I told her ‘let’s go, let’s go,'”Ramírez said.

    In one of the photographs, Heimy is seen very moved with one of the dogs, whom she baptized as “Blanquito” and became very sad for being from the street and that it had possibly been starving for a long time.

    Illusion to help animals

    “That little dog touched us a lot. He saw us, and hid in the grass, as if scared. Heimy was calling and he came. He was very skinny and dirty. All the dogs made a gesture of thanks, hugged her and she cried, but with this little dog we cried a lot.We were moved to think that my girl is so small and that she has that illusion to help animals. That little dog ate three cups of food,” she added.

    The mother says that she spoke with Heimy’s father to comment on his daughter’s wish and, if necessary, he would ask her grandfather for the car so that he could do it. In the end, everything was arranged to be able to give him that long-awaited gift.”The father bought a cart before her birthday so that she could make that dream of giving food to the dogs”, Ramírez said.

    A noble heart

    And it is that her love for animals has been since she was a baby and to date, a very pure feeling that makes her parents very happy, who thank God for having a daughter with such a noble heart and with the quality of loving animals .

    “I was very happy. They were very dirty, but I didn’t care. Blanquito made me dirty, but I hugged and caressed him, they are super cute,”Heimy commented.Even Ramírez points out that, when she was younger, they were in Ciudad Quesada and a little dog approached her. When she told her that she could get the clothes dirty, Heimy replied “Mommy, the little dog loves me.”

    “Since she was eight months old, I noticed her love for animals. I cleaned the house for a sister of mine and they had a boxer dog, she was not afraid, and would go on and touch him, he allowed himself to be touched and that is how I noticed that she had a preference for dogs, she sees them all beautiful,”said the mother.

    Heimy was in the company of her parents and her friend Melissa throughout the tour of AguasZarcas and La Palmera. Due to the weather conditions, they were unable to go to La Fortuna and other areas, but they plan to visit them very soon.

    “It was a very nice experience, I was delighted. We want to do it again. We had food left over and are going to go today in the afternoon,Heimy told me ‘Mommy, the dogs ate yesterday and not today,‘”she said.

    She says that her daughter dreams of being a veterinarian and loves all animals, especially dogs, regardless of their size, hair color or characteristics.”Every time she said goodbye, her eyes filled with tears and said to the dogs ‘I feel super happy to know that you ate today,'” added her mother.

    You can also help

    Both Heimy and her parents hope this story will motivate other families to go out and feed the homeless puppies, as well as care for all the animals and adopt pets.Those who wish to join in this enormous gesture with the MoreraRamírez family with donations of food and more, can contact Lorena, Heimy’s mother, at 6269-7686.

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