“Virtual Pet Adoption Fair” Will be Held Every Wednesday During the Month of July

Monge and Animal Hope Association team up to find new homes for cats and dogs!

Pets adoption

Starting this Wednesday and for all Wednesdays of July, dogs and cats will take over Monge’s social networks, with the “Virtual Pet Adoption Fairs in Costa Rica”. This initiative seeks to find a home for these animals rescued by the Animal Hope Association.
According to this group, with the Coronavirus Pandemic and the start of the rainy season there has been a sharp increase in the abandonment of domestic animals. Rescues are increasing and donations have been reduced.
However, being able to re-locate the rescued animals represents a great challenge and, at the same time, a motivation to continue giving a second chance to so many dogs and cats that continue to be abandoned on the streets.
“Monge continues to be a strategic ally for Animal Hope, as together we have held more than 20 adoption fairs. Thanks to the creativity of the team this month we are going to work the adoption fairs, but in a virtual way.
Furthermore, with the support of the company, we have always found loving people and families that provide a second chance and a home for these wonderful animals” says the Animal Hope Association.

How to Adopt a Pet
Those interested in adopting must enter the Facebook and Instagram Pages of “Tienda Monge”, where they can meet the pets available for adoption. Likewise, the family that wishes to adopt will have to be endorsed by Animal Hope and provide a minimum contribution of ¢ 20,000 colones.
“This amount is used to partially cover the costs of castration, medicine and feeding of the animals from the moment they are rescued, until they are adopted by their new families,” the organization explains.

“We are aware of the problem of mistreatment and abandonment of small animals, so with our “Good Green Actions” program continue to offer solutions that contribute to improving the situation. Due to the national health context, we cannot carry out the traditional Pet Adoption Fair in our store, but we know that the furry ones still need the support we can give them to get a new home; reason why we decided to innovate with the virtual fair ”, explained the, communications manager of Monge.

The pet will be delivered to the Monge Store that is agreed between the Association and the adoptive family. We invite you to sign in and bring into your home a new family member!

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