Intel Volunteers Teach Free Online Courses to Youth in Costa Rica

In the wake of the Coronavirus Pandemic that has affected all areas of human development; a group of volunteers from the Intel Costa Rica Innovation Center gave free virtual workshops to 10th and 11th-grade students of academic and technical schools.

This type of online modality helps young people to train academically from home while complying with quarantine. It is worth mentioning that the objective is encouraging and involving students with the areas of science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics (in a program known as STEAM).

What courses are available?

The training offered to young people in these virtual courses is Introduction to Programming, Introduction to Python, and Introduction to Arduino. All of them require a smartphone, tablet, or computer with Internet access.

The courses have an approximate duration of two and a half hours, they will be taught through the Cisco Webex platform, for which it is only required to open an account. Those interested can request more information by email: [email protected]

Timothy Scott, Manager of Government Affairs and Public Relations of Intel Costa Rica stated: “We know that promoting more vocations in these areas is a great challenge for Costa Rica facing the technological revolution in which we are, which will generate more sources of employment in the future and that will make it necessary to have highly trained personnel”.

Similarly, Scott commented, “For Intel Costa Rica it is essential to support this type of activity to awaken the interest of children and youth in STEAM areas.”

The platform on which this course is developed is Luvá, in it, the young people learned basic programming concepts, later they had to solve the daily challenges established, this allowed the students to advance while learning new concepts.

Intel donates money to SMEs led by women

As part of the company’s effort to support people who have been affected by the COVID-19 emergency. Intel has donated $ 15,000 to three SMEs led by women. To support these small businesswomen, Intel donated $ 5,000 to each one, so that they can keep their businesses afloat.

It is important to know that Intel Costa Rica has around 2,100 collaborators who support and organize each of its social events, always to improve the quality of life of Costa Ricans.

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