Zaperoco Web Radio, a Project that is Consolidated in Latin America

Zaperoco Web Radio

During the COVID-19 Pandemic that we are currently experiencing, many of us have been quarantined, which is why we have seen an increase in the consumption of online content. What has driven the consolidation of projects such as radios that transmit by streaming?

One of these is Radio Zaperoco, which since its creation one night in November 2019, has been gaining space in Latin American communities, thanks to its innovative and fresh proposal. Its directors Ernesto Caldarelli, Juan Carlos Rondón and collaborator Karen Freitez, told us a bit about how the project has been during these months of implementation.

Radio Zaperoco “World Music 24 Hours”
It is worth mentioning that in the beginning, the radio’s music focused on Jamaican rhythms. However, currently, the programming grid has evolved and also its graphic image. And like any creative process, it will continue to develop in the coming months.

Zaperoco radio broadcasts music from all over the world 24 hours a day, and according to one of the directors Ernesto Calderelli “we have fixed listeners in Argentina, Chile, Ecuador, Peru, Colombia, Panama, Jamaica, the Virgin Islands, Mexico, USA, Spain, Venezuela, Lithuania , France, Russia, the Canary Islands, Japan and Canada”. The radio is mostly listened to by young adults, although millennials are tunning in lately, with the incorporation of new programs on the grill.

One of the virtues of Zapperco radio is that it studies the behavior of social networks and puts together music and content specials based on what the audience wants. People generally ask for Rock, Ska, Indie and Jazz specials. “We are looking for many fusions of indigenous rhythms with rock and / or jazz, for example, Vytas Brenner from Venezuela or Café Tacuba from Mexico,” said Calderelli.

Programs with novel proposals
Currently, the Zapperco radio has 9 very innovative programs, hosted by Venezuelans in Panama, Spain, Canada, Colombia, and Venezuela. And soon they will begin to broadcast to all Latin America, led by Carlos Ricardo Cisterna from Chile, a program with more than 40 years promoting all the music produced south of the Rio Grande.

Ernesto Calderelli comments: Zaperoco radio also transmits jointly, from Bogotá, Colombia and Barquisimeto, Venezuela at 320khz and 48Khz respectively. With a better digital signal than the main commercial radio circuits in Venezuela ”. Zaperoco radio has an application for smartphones, you can search it in Google Play Store and its website is

It is important to know that Radio Zaperoco works non-profit and depends on the donations they can recieve through their Website. Therefore we invite you to tune in and make your contribution so that the project continues to grow.

This radio will soon begin to transmit information about the advertising campaign “I am Costa Rica”, which is intended to attract new tourists to the country once the COVID-19 Pandemic passes, reflecting all the beauty that the Costa Rican nation has to offer the world.

This is one of the alliances that The Costa Rica News is developing with creative, forward-looking entrepreneurs. If you want to advertise with us and make yourself known to a global audience, you can write to us through the following email address: [email protected].

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