New Version of Music Hit “Prohibido Prohibir” Gathers International Stars

The song is performed by music legends from Argentina, Costa Rica, Cuba, Spain, United States, Mexico, Nicaragua, and Portugal.
–The lyrics speak of recomposing the world based on new ethics.
–Composers and musicians sent their voices and performances from their homes following the “stay at home” movement.
–The idea of making this version comes from the pianist and producer Nelson Álvarez.

While the world has been on hold in quarantine, and countries are making extreme efforts to give their citizens a chance for life, projects emerge to encourage people that are in home confinement. Among these projects are songs that artists release on Social Networks to accompany their fans in these difficult moments.

Following this spirit of strength, some feel that the present experience can give way to a new way of thinking about society. “After the health emergency of global proportions, it will be necessary for solidarity to be the ethic on which relationships between people and countries are developed,” says composer Tito Oses, writer of the song “Prohibido Prohibir“, a hit from the early 2000s. The song returned this Wednesday, April 29th in a new acoustic version with the ever-present validity of its message.

“I am honored that they have chosen my song to express what they feel and I am grateful because it is an immense honor to share with these voices because, in addition to being super artists, they are great human beings whom I admire,” says the singer.

“Thanks to digital communication, the artists gathered their talents to give support and assert art as a necessary instrument to understand and guide today’s reality”, says the song’s composer, while expressing his gratitude to the International music stars that participated in the recording.

For producer Nelson Álvarez, the result is unique and impressive: “in the heat of the moment and anticipating the path we will have reached, these artists propose a party to the planet, a metaphor to express the need for a new way of relating, guided by the dream of solidarity”, he affirms, with the passion that socially committed artists to have.

Thus, to be a banner in the fight and proclaim victory, this past Saturday was the launch of the new version of the song “Prohibido Prohibir” through digital platforms; this time interpreted by music legends who, from the preventive isolation of their houses in seven countries, send their voice of encouragement to those who feel anger and anxiety at what is happening and fear the future.

Artists participating in this beautiful message:

–) Ángel Melo, is an important young Mexican composer of the Hidalgueña scene.

–)Bernal Villegas, is a Costa Rican rock legend and recognized composers of Central America, founder of the mythical bands “Shenuk”, “Modelo para arma”, “50 al Norte”, “Suite Doble”.

–)Elsa basil, one of the Nicaraguan singer-songwriters with more international recognition, having more than 25 years of experience being part of the group Volcanto, one of the most influential bands of Nicaraguan music.

–) Edgar Oceransky, important Mexican troubadours in the Latin American, being one of the most influential and respected singer-songwriters of the new generations of composers.

–) Julio Castejón, singer and composer of the group “Asfalto”, one of the most important groups in the Spanish rock movement.

–) Luis Represas, a recognized singer and composer in Portugal. Member of the group “Trovante”, one of the most influential bands in Portuguese music.

–) Marta Fonseca, emblematic artist of the Costa Rican scene and is considered the female voice of Costa Rican rock as the singer of “Suite Doble”.

–) Nito Mestre, an Argentine rock legend, who rose to international fame with the group “Sui Generis”.

–)Rubén Goldin, great Argentine composers, belonging to the “Rosarinos” group, recognized worldwide for being one of the best Argentine groups.

–) Tito Oses, with a 35-year career, is one of the most important figures in Costa Rican music and is the creator of the lyrics and music of the song “Prohibido Prohibir”.

–) The sax solo is performed by the multi-award-winning Cesar López, one of the greatest Cuban jazz players on the world scene.

–) The guitar is played by Bill Macpherson, American guitarist of the band “Nite vibes” and a great connoisseur and interpreter of African music in the United States.

–)Added to this is Carlos Delgado, who plays the guitar masterfully and is one of the most experienced musicians in Costa Rican music, accompanying Tito Oses for more than twenty years.

–) Nelson Alvarez, who is the producer of the song is a highly recognized pianist.

National and international. This version contains a phrase from the most recent speech by Pepe Mujica, who joins this cause, is a former president of Uruguay, and is considered an emblem of humanistic ethics on the world stage.

Within the idea of the production of the version be simple, in the style of the virtual concerts that take place at this moment in the world, where the musicians from their homes share with their fans, the song reveals the great talent of the participating interpreters.

20 years later the song returns to cry out for hope

Tito Oses says that he wrote “Prohibido Prohibir” in 1990, after reading a graffiti that said, “What would happen if they declared war on us and we did not go”. At that time he was reading a book on the sexual revolution in France, a movement that had as one of its slogans “Prohibited Prohibiting”, and those ideas made synergy between the phrase and the book that led to the song. Ten years later he recorded it for his self-titled album, becoming a hymn for his fans and one of the key compositions of the new Costa Rican song.

Today, in the heat of the worldwide Pandemic by COVID-19, his good friend, the pianist and producer Nelson Álvarez, with whom he has worked for more than 20 years, thought it would be a great idea to do a new version and invite some singers and musicians, and unite to give a testimony of hope in the face of uncertainty.

Also, the song will be on all digital platforms such as Spotify and YouTube and all the money raised will go to the aid of the Native Indigenous peoples of southern Costa Rica affected by the COVID-19 crisis.


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