How Much Longer Will We Be In Quarantine?

Several weeks have passed and most people worldwide have been quarantined in their homes to prevent the spread of the Covid-19 Pandemic. There are nations that today have results of tens of thousands infected and thousands deceased, which puts countries like Costa Rica on alert, with the application of necessary sanitary measures that help to care for everyone`s safety.

But many people ask themselves today, how much more will this quarantine last?

Experts state the following: With extreme sanitary measures approximately one or two months, with moderate measures, from six to twelve months, which of course is not pleasant to hear both for the world economy and society at large.

People must understand that quarantine works, even if it damages the economy, it can prevent sanitary catastrophes. As everyone knows, a large number of countries in the world have been gravely affected, some more than others, China, the United States, countries in Europe such as Italy and Spain, in Latin America Ecuador, Peru, Chile, among others.

According to experts, both South Korea and Singapore have been examples, countries where they took extreme, timely measures that worked in less than 30 days.

If steps are not taken…The worst outcome can be expected

It is necessary everyone knows that anywhere from 14 to 24 days the symptoms of this terrible virus began to be evident. One of the main concerns is becoming overconfident, many people say: “why so much worries, if no one has died in my region yet”, but, precisely because of this, we must react cautiously to avoid disasters.

From the first death, if people do not heed the advice by authorities, cases will be generated exponentially and consequently a drastic mortality rate. That is equivalent to a World War that can even change the fabric of society, beyond simply “pausing” the economy for a few months.

Covid-19 acts by generating an overwhelmed reaction by the human immune system, the virus is lodged in the lungs, and experts emphasize the enormous damage it causes to all the respiratory system. There is clear evidence that even people that do recover; their lung performance may not be the same again.

We should all be aware that this is a virus that can be caught by anyone, without exceptions of age, professional positions, or economic situations, that is why it is so vital taking the precaution of isolating quarantining. We have to be clear that the virus will not go away until an effective global vaccination method is developed and carried out.

Greater commitment

There is talk among some governments of intermittent quarantines, but this is the wrong way to go. Imagine being in quarantine for 30 days, working for a month or two, then going back to quarantine, that’s the problem because it would further drive the social system out of control.

The quarantine can end but not the fight against the virus

It is important to always keep in mind that during and after the Covid-19 crisis passes, although people may be able to go into the streets, they should avoid attending any meetings with large numbers of people, there is no other way, and it is the reality that we have, that requires greater patience and emotional strength.

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