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    Community Museums Highlights the Communal and Generational Importance in Guanacaste

    The Chorotega Identity and Culture Intersectoral Committee held the webinar “Tertulia Nanku on Community Museums and their importance in cultural management in Guanacaste”, in...

    Folk Legend of Costa Rica Devil Chingo Cultural Expression.

    "El Diablo Chingo" (the Chingo Devil), also called Chingo Negro, is a character from a Costa Rican folk legend, native to the province of...

    New Version of Music Hit “Prohibido Prohibir” Gathers International Stars

    The song is performed by music legends from Argentina, Costa Rica, Cuba, Spain, United States, Mexico, Nicaragua, and Portugal.--The lyrics speak of recomposing the...

    Margarita Bertheau and Teodorico Quirós Alvarado, Two Very Distinguished Costa Rican Plastic Artists

    In the artistic expressions of our country, you can recognize a common thread through innumerable years of pre and post Columbian history, identifiable in...

    The Steinvorth Building in San José and Its Impressive Architecture

    The Steinvorth Building, also called the Steinvorth Warehouse, is a two-story building located in San José, Costa Rica. Built-in 1907 by the Italian Francesco...

    Santa Cruz, the “National Folklore City” Of Costa Rica

    Santa Cruz has been declared the "National Folklore City of Costa Rica" by the Central American Institute of Tourism for its amazing and colorful popular festivities, rodeos, dances, and traditional food

    Costa Rica's Painted Oxcarts: A Cherished Tradition Rolls On

    This week the town of Venice, known as the Cradle of the Costa Rican Boyero, in the Canton of San Carlos, Province of Alajuela...

    Costa Rican Typical Folk Music: the Essence of Our National Soul

    One of the best ways to experience the culture of any country is through its music. Local clubs and discos are perfect informal scenarios to explore current and popular sounds

    How About Going Native Tico Style?

    We Ticos have much to celebrate, in addition to the beauty of our landscape. As a society built by multiethnic influences, cultural activities are...
    Culture Day

    Culture Day

    The Culture Day is based on tolerance, recognition of the ethnic diversity prevalent in the Spanish heritage of Latin America. The arrival of the Spaniards...
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