Tlaxcala Art Arrives in Costa Rica

    The Calpulalpan artist produced three murals in public spaces for the capital San José

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    Tlaxcala urban art arrived in Costa Rica with the work of the Calpulalpan artist Julio César Sánchez Morales, known in the field of muralism as Doner Wan, who on this tour produced three large-format pieces in public spaces.

    On this tour of Costa Rica, Doner Wan visited the capital San José, at the invitation of urban artists from that country interested in bringing proposals from Mexico and promoting graffiti as a means of artistic expression, in such a way that the Tlaxcalans had a stay of one full week.

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    Artistic creation

    “The experience was very pleasant, since I was able to meet great urban artists with whom during the coexistence I had an interesting exchange of anecdotes and also of techniques, so the main line was artistic creation,” said the urban artist.

    In the murals made in this country, Doner Wan sought to merge the iconography of Mexican culture with elements of Costa Rican culture, for which the works mainly include representative fauna of Costa Rica.

    “In the first mural that I made in Costa Rica, I integrated the hummingbird, as it is a very representative animal of this country; furthermore, I consider that their symbolism is very deep since they have to do with the concept of flight and the changes to evolve ”, he expressed.


    During his stay, the Calpulalpense artist worked together with the local artist known as Wuak, to create a mural of a jaguar, representative of the eastern part of Costa Rica. Finally, Doner Wan made a painting on canvas in a production process open to the public who could observe the artist’s creative work live, the above with the support of a specialized graffiti establishment.

    It should be noted that due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, last year the artist postponed a work tour of various Latin American countries, so with this visit to Costa Rica he resumed his work plans, which for this year include the visit to Brazil and Peru in the coming months.

    He has participated in outstanding urban art events such as the “Manuel Acuña” International Art Festival in Coahuila; the Mural Fest “Amor al Arte”, in Quintana Roo, as well as the International Meeting of Muralists, held in Mexico City in 2014.

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