The Artistic Face of San José

“Transitarte” Filled with Happiness and Entertainment in Its 2019 Edition

The heart of San José returned to transform itself into a giant stage for the different artistic expressions to show the pleasant face of the Costa Rican capital. In its 2019 edition, Transitarte filled with happiness and smiles those who came to enjoy their activities. Dance, theater, crafts, in short, for everyone there is something that they may like.

The different cultures of the world were shown this Sunday in a parade down the Paseo Los Damas. The activity, organized by the Municipality of San José, takes advantage of each edition to bring attendees the magic of the float that paraded in the Festival of Light of the previous year.

Not only do people have a place for fun; pets also joined this art festival. To that place, a group of “Anonymous for the Voiceless” went protesting against the livestock industry and mistreatment of animals.

Pets also had their stellar moment

Wrestling by “Luchamanía” mounted a quadrilateral to show its best exponents. There were activities for all ages, but there is no doubt that children always find the way to have fun.

The municipal band of San Jose put the music on Sunday afternoon. Transitarte started last Friday, but there are still activities for this coming Sunday in the National Park, Morazán and Spain. Also, in the Peace Park, the activities will be free and for all ages.

SOURCEIsrael Solís
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