Culture Day

Culture Expression in Costa Rica

Cultural expression
Cultural expression

The Culture Day is based on tolerance, recognition of the ethnic diversity prevalent in the Spanish heritage of Latin America.

The arrival of the Spaniards to the New World changed its meaning. This happened in 1994 when the Law of the “Culture Day” was promulgated.

In this way, the traditional Race Day was obsolete and gave way to a new meaning. The same, based on tolerance, recognizes the ethnic diversity prevalent in America but does not deny the heritage of Spain, the legacy of the indigenous, and the African contribution, among other important contributions.

Costa Rica Culture
Culture Day parade in Costa Rica

When the Culture Day was approved, it was definitively clarified that the roots of Costa Rica, like those of the rest of the Latin American countries, come from three logs that have interacted since 1492: Spanish, indigenous and African- Caribbean, that made us, although some ignored it, in a multicultural and multiethnic nation.

Culture Day 1

The establishment of this celebration also served to recognize that, since the middle of the 20th Century, our country has been benefited from European, Central American, Asian, Hebrew, and Arab immigration, among others.

SOURCECharito Villegas
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