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    Do Not Let these Bad Habits Affect your Health

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    In our daily routine, we are always exposed to different types of germs. Sometimes we do not even know it and on other occasions, even if we know or suspect the presences of these germs, we do not take it seriously and we do not have the proper care.

    The places where we are most exposed to infections; the office, the bus, the bank, the square, and even in your own house. In fact, at home, we are even more exposed. But what is really worrying, after you touch some part of your body, you are favoring the entry of germs to your body.

    Remember that by touching some parts of our particular body, we are more likely to spread certain infections. You may think it is a little overdone, but then you will realize that what you do, such as biting your nails, touching your face or your eyes, can cause serious illness.

    Here we mention the parts of the body that are more likely to contract illnesses or infections if you touch them when your hands are not clean:

    Face. Touching our face assiduously means not only bringing thousands of bacteria to the skin but also clogging our pores with lots of particles, which can then lead to a skin infection. If you have the habit of bursting some shins and pimples, you should stop touching your face.

    Face skin affections make people buys lots of dermatologic products for treatment.
    Face skin common affections

    The “Huffington Post” recommends that you stop touching your face completely because the bacteria and viruses we carry in our hands could wreak havoc on our skin. Also, touching the face can worsen acne and herpes rather than eliminate them. So you should avoid, as much as possible, burst pimples.

    Mouth. Bringing your hands to your mouth is a habit we have had since we were babies. According to a study published in the “Journal of Applied Microbiology of London”, the transfer of bacteria from the fingertip to the lips was substantially high. Not only infants, teens, and even adults have the unhealthy habit of putting their fingers in their mouths.

    Wounds. No need to touch them. If you hurt, clean, disinfect, and cover, but … do not touch them anymore! And if you need to change the bandage when it is dirty, or re-clean the wound, wash your hands thoroughly to remove as many bacteria as possible. While it is true that some wounds or scratches cause discomfort, and causes us to touch them constantly, you should not do it … This only makes matters worse!

    Nose. Nose-picking is another of the children’s pastimes that, blatantly, do it in front of anyone. But we cannot deny that many adults also do it often. In the nasal cavity live a series of healthy bacteria that protect the area.

    Nose-picking can produce infections inside the nose.

    By inserting a finger in the nose, they carry thousands of bacteria which do not belong to that place and that can cause serious problems for health. According to the “Vice” site, an infection in that area can spread to the brain itself, so be very careful to stick your fingers in the nose.

    Eyes. In addition to rubbing the eyes can damage the fragile skin we have on the eyelids, this bad habit can lead many bacteria into our eyes and cause, among other things, conjunctivitis. Also, rubbing the eye aggressively can damage the cornea.

    Ears. Many people who suspect that they have wax buildup in their ears often resort to some utensils, such as cotton swabs or any sharp object with the aim of removing dirt. However, this habit, besides being very dirty, is highly dangerous.

    Wax itself is a substance that produces our body to protect our ear and keep it clean and careful, so it is a very bad idea to try to remove it completely. At the same time, by placing an object inside the ear we are carrying a lot of germs and bacteria, increasing the risk of an infection and, not only that, we could also damage the middle ear.

    The labyrinth is the part of the middle ear that is in charge of the balance. By introducing a foreign object into the ear, we affect this part and then we could begin to feel really bad.

    Fingernails. Another one of the incorrect customs of many people is to eliminate the dirt that accumulates under the nails using some stick. The correct way to keep your nails clean is to keep them short, wash your hands constantly with soap and water, using a bristle brush to remove the dirt accumulated under the nails.

    According to a publication of the “Society Magazine”, there are significantly more bacteria under the nails than anywhere else on the hand. Now you know! Do not let these bad habits affect your well-being and health.

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