The fair took place the first Friday of July

A completely free fair took place the first week of July aiming to give important information on breast and cervix cancer. The fair started in the morning (8 am) and ended at 3 pm, in La Merced Park. The organizer of the event was the Hispanoamerican University.

The public activity was carried off in order to celebrate the 172nd anniversary of the institution. Vanessa Aguilar, co-director of the the Nursery Faculty of the Hispanoamerican University explained that the students and professors helped the CCSS personnel with the event logistics.

As said before, the activity was planned to educate the public about the different ways to prevent breast cancer.

“We had three stands in La Merced Park. In the first stand, people were given information concerning nutrition and recommendations to keep good feeding habits. Also, anthroprometric surveys were available. They consist in checking weight and body mass (based on age and gender). A group of nurses and healthcare professionals checked vital signs and provided material related to the breast and prostate cancer prevention. A lot of leaflets and fliers with information on cancer and the right procedures for the self breast examination were dished out to the attendees that day” – Aguilar said.

The participants also made several presentations on how to use the self breast examination and the ways to avoid mistakes during such procedures.