Costa Rica Startups Open Doors to Students

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    The main Costa Rican startups are ready to know the talent that exists in the universities through an internship program.

    These are 22 ventures that are part of the initiative startup2students, which is promoted by the accelerator of the University of Costa Rica.

    The participants are from different industries, therefore the professional requirement depends on each firm.

    A. In education: Little Monsters Costa Rica, Processim Labs and Bellelli Education.
    B. In Video Games: Headless Chicken Games, Arcade.
    C. In health: Huli, Mdee.
    D. By transportation: Go Duck.
    and. In food: Add2Beer, Caffer Sausages of Buffalo.
    F. In technology: Quantik GreenCloud, Imagine XYZ, Parso, deLaGuayaba, Appttitude, NOTTS, Brain Window, Innova Plasma.
    G. Under construction: DMak.
    H. In several services: Ecoclean and Petlife.

    Priscilla Morera, the manager of alliances of Auge, was the one who began to give form to this idea together with Novatadas and the platform Japp!

    According to Morera, the goal is to bring students to the dynamics that happen inside the startups.
    “I called other actors from the entrepreneurial ecosystem like Carao Ventures, from the Technological of Costa Rica (TEC), other Auge projects, and we gave them a deadline to create the profile for the internships, in the end, we received about 200 interested people, Of them 98% were students, “explained Morera.

    The project also focuses on showing students another reality, which means being an entrepreneur.

    Jose Pablo Monge, the founder of Headless Chicken Games, said they are looking for communicators, programmers, artists, audiovisual producers and administrators who see themselves playing video games for 10 or more years and want to rub shoulders with the best national and international players.

    “We want to discover people who love video games, give that opportunity that we did not have to be part of the development of video games since they are students (…) We want the best, our team lives for video games and we want people who see it as An art, not merely as a product, “Monge said.

    In this company is offered to practitioners flexible hours and per diem.
    Go Duck is another venture that is part of startup2students.
    This project is looking for talent while offering young people how to work under a different model from the “traditional” one.

    Jose Navarro, the founder of Go Pato, said that they are looking for students who work in areas such as technology development, mechatronics, industrial design, digital marketing, advertising and human resources.

    The practice at Go Pato has a duration of 60 days with the possibility of extending, also cover the expenses of food and transportation.

    The program started on June 1 and the goal is to keep it in time.

    How to participate

    Those interested in applying for an internship must join the Japp platform! Where you will find more information about startups.

    The call is open to university students, regardless of the educational center from which they come.

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