Costa Rica to Seek Investment in Japan

“Strengthening trade ties with Japan is part of our central government efforts to diversify our economy and strengthen both trade and political ties,” said Foreign Trade Minister Alexander Mora.

A national delegation will visit Japan on June 19 in search of new markets for investment, business, and technical support.

The official delegation will be led by Foreign Trade Minister Alexander Mora and will hold meetings with representatives of Japanese companies as well as meetings with potential technological manufacturing investors and high value-added services.

Meetings will also be held with representatives from the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) and the Japan Foreign Trade Organization.

JICA is an organization with a presence in 150 countries that assists and supports developing nations using non-reimbursable financial assistance. Meanwhile, the Foreign Trade Organization of Japan is aimed at promoting trade and investment between the Asian country and the rest of the world.

“Strengthening trade ties with Japan is part of the Central Government’s efforts to diversify our economy and strengthen both commercial and political ties,” Mora said of the visit.

Costa Rica is currently a strategic partner for Japanese companies operating from the country to service its mainland operations such as Bridgestone, Panasonic, Micro Vention Terumo, Trade Station, Fujitsu, Toyota, among others.

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