Japan Has More Car Charging Stations Than Gas Stations

Japanese car manufacturer Nissan announced the results of a survey that revealed there are over 40,000 electric car charging stations, surpassing the 34,000 gas stations by a large number.  Although the number does include private home charging stations, public charging stations are at over 3,000 and many are recognizing Japan’s commitment to the Green Energy Movement.

Part of the rapid spread of electric car chargers is due to the Japanese governments widespread support of the initiative. Subsidies are offered to those who install a charging station at home. Government support for the electric car movement isn’t as common in other countries, but based on Nissan’s research here it may be the key to changing the auto industry as we know it.

Although Japan has more electric stations than petrol stations, Nissan didn’t take into account that one petrol station can service a lot more cars than an electric station.

The United States has 9,000 charging stations compared to 114,500 petrol gas stations. General Motors Chief Executive and Chairman Mary Barra voiced her support for the movement, “I believe that the auto industry will change more in the next five to ten years than it has in the last fifty, and this will give us the opportunity to make cars more capable, more sustainable, and more exciting than ever before”.

One of the major companies working to improve the technology behind electric cars in The United States is Tesla whose self driving cars have been making headlines lately after a man in critical condition was driven to the hospital by his car.

Tesla is determined to change the numbers in The U.S. so that there are more charging stations. Three other major car companies have also committed to the movement, including BMW which pledged to create atleast 100 electric stations in The U.S.

It’s estimated that the sale of electric car could reach up to 40 million worldwide by the end of 2040.




SOURCEAidan McMorrow
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