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    In this photo taken Oct. 16, 2009, a man cuts down a tree in the Monarch butterfly reserve near Ocampo, Mexico. After decades of trying to stop logging in Mexico's Monarch butterfly reserve, biologists and park workers are having to cut down thousands of fir trees themselves, to combat an unprecedented infestation of bark beetles they say may have been unleashed by climate change. (AP Photo/Gregory Bull)

    Illegal Deforestation in Mexico to Plant Avocado Trees

    Due to the avocado's growing popularity in The United States and around the world as a healthy superfood, Mexican farmers have found that it's...

    Japan Has More Car Charging Stations Than Gas Stations

    Japanese car manufacturer Nissan announced the results of a survey that revealed there are over 40,000 electric car charging stations, surpassing the 34,000 gas...

    The World Bank reduces to a 2.4% prediction of the worldwide increase in 2016

    WASHINGTON D.C., June 7th, 2016 The World Bank is reducing to a 2.4% prediction of  worldwide economic growth in 2016, with respect to the...
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