Costa Rica Signed a Pact for Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Throughout November they will carry out a series of activities aimed at entrepreneurs

Each year, more than 120 countries join together to celebrate Global Entrepreneurship Week (GEW), but this year Costa Rica went beyond that. The whole month of November was called Entrepreneurship, and a series of activities are prepared to reinforce the national entrepreneurial ecosystem with the support of different organizations.

entrepreneur-1340643__340In support of these efforts, Costa Rica seeks to promote the necessary conditions to stimulate the development of an ecosystem of entrepreneurship and innovation.  The Pact for Entrepreneurship and Innovation unites efforts of the public sector, private sector, academia and civil society.  There will be a series of activities, such as working together, being spokespersons and promoters to promote an entrepreneurial and innovative culture, as well as promoting agreements between public and private institutions, academia and civil society.

In addition, work is being carried out on an Action Plan for the implementation of this policy to Promote Entrepreneurship in CR.   The Action Plan will strengthen the networks and councils that support entrepreneurship and innovation, both locally and regionally, and support the sustainability of an entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Entrepreneurship in Costa Rica“We join a global movement, not only with the efforts this week, but also to expand opportunities for entrepreneurs throughout the month in a collaborative effort between the public, private sector and academia. In addition, Costa Rica plans to reach outside their borders, and send a message of initiative and support to other countries in Central America.” said Geannina Dinarte, Minister of the Economy, Industry & Commerce (MEIC).

Guide for Entrepreneurial Culture in Costa Rica

In order to offer a series of recommendations to entrepreneurs when starting their business, different organizers of the Global Entrepreneurship Week created the Guide for Entrepreneurial Culture in Costa Rica.  This Guide contains topics of interest to people who are starting, or want to undertake a new business in different regions of the country.  This guide will be available on the MIEC website, but will also be shared on the different digital media sites of the institutions that make up the organizing committee of the GEW-2016.

Activities for entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurship in Costa RicaThe Global Entrepreneurship Week (GEW) aims to provide different events, activities, talks, workshops, trainings, and competitions in November in order to strengthen the entrepreneurial ecosystem around the world.  This celebration will also expand the campaign through social networks with testimonials from entrepreneurs who share their history, the important decisions to undertake, the challenges, achievements, and the difficulties and satisfactions.

During this month, Costa Rica celebrates the courage, creativity, perseverance, and vision of transformation evidenced by each of those people who have chosen to become an entrepreneur. As well as celebrating the willingness and collective efforts of organizations, institutions, universities, and entrepreneurs to push the country towards better conditions for entrepreneurship.

For more information on the activities, timetables, and places, go to the site:


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