Rejuvenation – The Timeless Art of Agelessness

This desire to live well and long has led to the healing art of rejuvenation

Throughout history, there have been quests and investigations to discover the key to everlasting youthfulness.  One such very famous quest was the search for the elusive Fountain of Youth. It is said that many lives perished in search of this youth-giving fountain… and still it was never found. This search went beyond the adventurous quests for magical items, potions, or places that hold the promise of forever young and healthy.  Various cultures throughout the ages were often involved with creating, and following  health regimens and diets with the goal of attaining supreme health, agelessness, and even rejuvenation.

What is aging and why do some people feel the need to overcome or out-do this process?

Rejuvenation therapies

Science tells us that “aging is an accumulation of damage to macro-molecules, cells, tissues and organs”. This damage that is said to cause the phenomenon of aging can manifest as weakened vitality, grey hair, sagging skin, failing organs, diminished eyesight and/or hearing, digestive troubles, aching joints, memory problems, and more. Due to the discomfort that many of these manifestations bring, many people desire to uncover the key to ever-giving youthfulness.  For some people there may also be a bit of vanity involved – that part of our human conditioning that does its best to resist the loss of youthful appearance. This desire to live well and long, as well as to maintain beauty, has led to the science and healing art of rejuvenation.

It is believed that if the damage to the macro-molecules, cells, tissues and organs are able to be repaired, then rejuvenation occurs.   If there is rejuvenation, the damage, deterioration, decay, and death are halted.

Although many rejuvenation therapies and lifestyles assist in producing great health, a more youthful appearance, abundant vitality, and positive moods, most will not create immortality in the physical body. Despite death’s imminent arrival at some unknown future date, it is still an excellent idea to practice some level of rejuvenating techniques. In that way you are honoring your body as a sacred temple, and blessing your spirit with the most excellent of conditions to be residing on this tour of Earth.

Rejuvenation therapiesOne simple way to increase the rejuvenation abilities of your physical body is to increase your oxygen intake.  It is said that aging is related to a lack of oxygen.  To rejuvenate the body, all the way to the cellular level, one must flood the cells with oxygen. This can easily be accomplished through aerobic exercise, organ cleansing, detoxification therapies, fasting, and a diet high in organic and raw foods, especially chlorophyll-rich greens.  Aerobic exercise pumps oxygen through the body – flooding the entire system with strong doses of oxygen, improving circulation, and decreasing stress. Activities such as swimming, running, biking, rock climbing, and dance are all excellent ways to consistently feed your cells life-enhancing oxygen.

Organ cleansing, such as the Liver and Gallbladder Flush or a Colon Cleanse, assist in removing toxins and waste from the body.  Freeing up the channels of detoxification , elimination, and circulation, as well as  increasing the oxygen flow and uptake.  In addition to these benefits, these therapies also give a boost to the immune system, improvement to digestion, and the overall function of the organs being cleansed.

Kambo poison frog
Kambo poison frog

Various natural detoxification methods and therapies, such as kambo and herbal detoxes,  are similar in some ways to organ cleanses.  They help flush the body of “junk” taking up space, and clogging the channels where our healthy life force needs to be flowing.  Kambo is a frog poison from South America, that when introduced to the body typically causes a deep detoxification of the entire system. The lymph and digestive systems, the liver, kidneys, and more are quickly and deeply flushed. Kambo has been known to help heal numerous illnesses and diseases, including such difficult maladies as cancer, Parkinson’s, multiple sclerosis, schizophrenia, and more. The after-effects of kambo therapy include increased immune function, decreased pain and inflammation, detoxification, and many more amazing benefits, including cellular rejuvenation.

In addition to these therapies, there are select herbs that can also assist in the rejuvenation process by supporting detoxification, cellular repair and rejuvenation, increased oxygen in the blood, and more. Some of the most revered of the herbs for these benefits include reishi mushrooms, shilajit, gotu kola, gingko biloba, schizandra, cordyceps, ashwaghanda, turmeric, and ginseng.  Including one or more of these herbs into your health regimen can be a wise choice to assist you in achieving supreme health, and the ability to experience rejuvenation.

Green foods, such as wheat or barley grass, kale, spinach, broccoli, spirulina, chlorella, and other potent green foods deliver high amounts of chlorophyll to our bodies, which helps to increase the oxygen in the blood. Green salads, juices, and concentrated powders are the best way to receive the most chlorophyll from your food.

It is known throughout the scientific and medical communities that pathogens cannot survive in a highly oxygenated environment. This would include cancer cells, viruses, fungi, harmful bacteria, and so on.  It is also been shown that overall deterioration of a human body is diminished when it is well-oxygenated.

Rejuvenation therapiesDefinitely what we consume will contribute to good or poor health.  The quest for rejuvenation and agelessness must include a powerfully healthy diet, with a high percentage of fresh and organic fruits and vegetables. A diet free of carcinogenic, genetically modified, packaged, processed, preservative-filled, chemical-laden, stale, rancid, and artificial foods will assist a person in manifesting greater health.  To live a lifestyle of rejuvenation, utilize nutrition as a primary key.  You will do best to focus most on fresh fruits, vegetables, greens, juices, sprouts, seeds, fresh herbs, and healthy oils such as – flax, hemp, and coconut. Animal proteins and fats, grains, gluten, and salt would be kept to a minimum. Alcohol, caffeine, pharmaceuticals, synthetic drugs, and all unhealthy foods would not be included.

Rejuvenation therapiesOvereating is another habit to eliminate if adopting a rejuvenation lifestyle. In the Taoist tradition, it is believed that eating smaller portions and less often is one way to prolong one’s life. The Taoist masters who lived exceptionally long lives (well over 100) were said to eat one simple meal a day. Another concept from the Taoist tradition is the idea that we are prone to “leaking our vital energy”, which they call Jing. One of the first steps to attaining longevity is to establish “protection” to stop the leaking.  Many of their methods of halting the leak of, as well as increasing the supply of Jing, include many of the therapies listed above – detoxification to eliminate dis-ease, tonic and rejuvenating herbs, exercise, proper diet, and so on. In addition, they would include acupuncture, and other healing therapies to increase the chi (life force energy) in one’s body.

There now exists many high-tech and expensive ways to oxygenate the skin and internal body, and there are various “life extension” programs throughout the world offering services for the elite.  Simple lifestyle changes can slow the aging process, decrease stress, increase vitality, and offer the possibility of rejuvenation without incorporating any invasive or overly expensive methods.  You can start simple with diet and exercise. After you adjust to the changes, try some organ cleansing followed by a short juice or water fast. Observe how you feel in the weeks after. Perhaps add in some of the herbs listed above, and prepare for a deep cleanse and reboot with a kambo cleanse.  What at first may seem challenging may later prove to be extremely rewarding.

When adopting a lifestyle change such I have been discussing here, try not to look at it as if you are giving anything up or going without.  Instead focus on all you have to gain – your happiness and health, as well as a rejuvenated appearance and increased vitality. You can have more energy and ability to enjoy the pleasures of life, to spend time with loved ones, to explore, to create, or however you feel inspired to spend your time. A little discipline can provide a longer, happier, healthier life… which each of us deserve.

Rejuvenation therapiesZahrah Sita is a professional practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine and acupuncture, an herbalist, a health and wellness guide, a student and an enthusiast of plant medicines and ancient indigenous wisdom and traditions. She helps lead sacred cacao ceremonies with the Mystic Heart Sacred Cacao Tribe. Zahrah is also a writer, a dancer, and a lover of all of the arts, nature, spirituality, and natural healing.  Zahrah resides in Costa Rica year round.

If you would like to receive wellness consultation with Zahrah Sita, please contact her at [email protected].

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