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    International Dance Day: Living Expression of a Country’s Culture

    The world enjoys different forms of artistic manifestations, which vary in many cases according to the culture, customs and idiosyncrasies of each region. In...

    Art and Culture in a Weekend with Options for All Tastes

    A weekend that promises to have options for all tastes is what the billboard has planned for various events that will take place on...

    Halloween: From Ancient European Folk Tale To Worldwide Celebration

    Honoring the memory of those who no longer exist on this earthly plane, that is the basis on which the celebration of Halloween was created. Different myths, legends, and customs are part of these traditions, cultures, and idiosyncrasies. Halloween is part of those traditions that began in Europe and as time went by it expanded to the United States and other countries in the Americas.
    Culture Day

    Culture Day

    The Culture Day is based on tolerance, recognition of the ethnic diversity prevalent in the Spanish heritage of Latin America. The arrival of the Spaniards...

    Every Festival Throughout The Year in Costa Rica

    Village fairs are a Costa Rican cultural fact, are very popular, and are celebrated much like a carnival.  They range from popular musical groups,...
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