“Yo Soy Costa Rica” (I am Costa Rica), An Initiative that Adds On to World Solidarity

When great crisis arise, hope and determination must be our guiding lights, this message goes specially to our entrepreneurs

“Yo Soy Costa Rica” (I am Costa Rica), An Initiative that Adds On to World Solidarity

With the slogan “Together We Are Stronger”, the initiative “Yo Soy Costa Rica” (I am Costa Rica), promoted by the The Costa Rica News (TCRN) team, adds to global solidarity during the COVID-19 Pandemic.

This initiative, aimed at entrepreneurs, also to small and large companies, is for reminding that Now is the ideal time to reinvent and renew. Among so many digital alternatives, we are an attentive journalistic team, inspired by each story presented to you, we are The Costa Rica News, ready to offer all our services so you can grow.

Now is the time to do … We admire your desire to continue working for Costa Rica, its essence, its culture, its authentic products. We are here, more together, more supportive, allowing you entrepreneur to be known by a worldwide audience, making your products or services reach those who deserve it.

Yo Soy Costa Rica“, unites us all for facing these difficult moments, providing the best digital tools to help overcome the socioeconomic consequences of the current global crisis.

It is worth noting that, in the present moments, throughout the world, many brands of products and services have been campaigning in order to reflect an excellent image to the public and, at the same time, not stand idly but rather support any way they can the most vulnerable.

“Yo Soy Costa Rica” (I am Costa Rica), An Initiative that Adds On to World SolidarityHere Are Some of the Worldwide Campaigns that are Being Carried Out:
In Europe, the Spanish Federation of Food Banks (FESBAL) decided to meet a 25% increase in demand with regards to last year, and provided assistance to 1.1 million disadvantaged people. They calculated that within a few months the Pandemic would leave up to 1.5 million more Spaniards in vulnerable situations. For these reasons, they launched “Operation Kilo COVID-19”, from April 22nd to May 6th, which, in the case of Madrid, managed to gather 1.3 million kilos of basic foodstuff.

In Latin American countries, enterprising women, counting on sewing machines and also sewing by hand, make textile masks, as part of the preventive sanitary measures for COVID-19.

Other projects, such as the Mexican “I Do Errands MX”, receive orders through Social Networks and WhatsApp, to do ready-made purchases of food and medicines for people so they do not have to leave their homes. And in some neighborhoods of Lima (Peru), people at risk, such as the elderly, hang white fabrics to indicate to people their need for help with shopping.

Other renowned brands, have also contributed food and medical supplies, as in the case of Ferrari, with shifted its production capabilities to manufacture respirators. The world around, there are countless examples of solidarity that makes us more united than ever.

If you decided to start a business, shortly before the Coronavirus pandemic arrived, or a longer time ago, you should tell yourself every day that this crisis is on its way out, and then, with greater humility, patience, tolerance, love and creativity, hand in hand with us: TCRN and our initiative “I am Costa Rica“, we will very soon achieve victory!

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