Together We Are Stronger: “Yo Soy Costa Rica” Is Here for Great and Small Entrepreneurs

This initiative seeks to support through our digital medium The Costa Rica News, great and small entrepreneurs, who have continued to develop their brands amid the Coronavirus Pandemic

Costa Rica

The great family at The Costa Rica News put to service the best of its essence: to provide great and small entrepreneurs with our full support amidst the adversity caused by the Coronavirus Pandemic.

Doing what we do best … We are part of you. United we are stronger.

We contribute our journalistic knowledge to give you a helping hand in difficult times. Applauding your strength as you continue to build our country by delivering the best of your brands, goods, products, and services in order to safeguard the nation in spite of the difficulties.

In this way, our online platform The Costa Rica News, with the solidity of more than 10 years in the world of telecommunications, is made available to you for promoting your brand, project or venture, contact us at [email protected]

Initiatives that make us stronger. Entrepreneurs to power!

entrepreneurs in Costa Rica“We all are the Coronavirus Vaccine”…Anonymous author
In these times that nobody imagined could arrive, the digital newspaper The Costa Rica News makes its staff of writers, contributors, and editors available to you.

This with the intention that through this top-notch team, you can be informed about all the projects that are striving ahead in the midst of this health emergency.

As our slogan says: “together we are stronger”. This initiative will not only allow all entrepreneurs to make themselves known but also that their product or service reaches those who may be in need of it more directly.

One of the most accentuated features of avoiding the COVID-19 contagion is “staying at home”, that has circumstantially and drastically changed our daily life as it was known before the Virus.

That is why many jobs have had to find a way to reinvent themselves in order to survive.

It is here where technology with all its cutting edge tools allows us to continue closing creating initiatives like the one we are presenting to you: “Yo Soy Costa Rica”.

A little history…

Throughout the history of humanity, there have been outbreaks of Pandemics that have caused millions of deaths.

A new Virus.

This new Coronavirus was detected in Wuhan, China, last December. As the outbreak multiplied, it changed the lives of millions of people on this planet.

We will get out of this!

Crises throughout history have also been synonymous with opportunity. For thousands of entrepreneurs, duty stands out in continuing to look ahead and help those who are struggling.

Given the present reality of COVID-19, we should all continue to comply with the recommendations set out by the health authorities and beat the Virus. “Let us join forces, together we can find a way out”.

The Costa Rica News stands by you, providing all our support so you can thrive ahead.

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SOURCECarlos Silva
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