Costa Rican Youth Dedicates Herself to Rescue Stray Dogs

She Is Financed by Asking for Donations through Social Media and Raffles

Nicole Chacón, a young neighbor from the district of Florencia, is responsible for rescuing dogs in extreme conditions, on the verge of death, to recover from punishment, and find a new home.

She finances herself by asking for donations through social media, raffles (from donations given by people), cooking desserts and even cooking chicken lasagna to raise money and pay bills at veterinarians where she takes the animals.

They told us that it depends on the state of health that takes them to the veterinarian, they review them, they treat them and when they recover they are given for adoption, while bitches to give birth are taken to the house, where I adapt a place for them and start the process of promoting new puppies and get them a home.

“Nobody likes to adopt adult dogs, so they stay in my house. When they are puppies, I look for a good home, conducted interviews with potential adopters, and choose the best. They almost always stay in the San José area, once a week I travel to leave them”, Nicole Chacón told us.

Nicole says that she is involving teenagers and young people to participate in the project. Later, she plans to include volunteering, going to give talks in schools, educating the population, and raising awareness in society about the problem of abandoned and abused dogs.

While at the moment she has only rescued dogs, she hopes to include cats in the bailouts, only that she would need temporary homes while they are being adopted because at home it is impossible since dogs are not likely to socialize with cats. That is why she has several adopted dogs and they are temporarily waiting to be adopted.

Stray dogs can be seen almost everywhere

This beautiful rescue work began on September 13th of the current year, but she told us that dogs have been rescued in her home all her life. “My family, my friends, my boyfriend, my parents mainly support me, and many people I do not know have helped me through social media”, added Chacón.

Nicole says that this work is felt with the heart and help those who cannot defend themselves, in addition to giving second chances, see happy tails and grateful eyes are the things that motivate her not to give up and move on with the project ‘Huellas Olvidadas’ (Forgotten Footprints).

In about 3 months, it is expected to have the ‘Forgotten Footprints’ foundation officially registered and start with a stronger project in the region.

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