New Normal: If you Go on a Trip, there are also Hotels for Pets

    The whole world is trying to overcome the pandemic and move on ...

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    The whole world has suspended all types of travel since the disease known as Covid-19 became a pandemic.

    Today there is a planet that tries to return to daily life as we knew it before. Currently immersed in a new normal in this special job, we bring you all the details of the protocol that you must follow to travel with a pet and also who are the experts who could take care of it like at home during your absence.

    In most homes there is always at least one pet, which usually happens to be another member of the family. And is that pets are very popular around the world.

    An appreciation for animals at home exists in both children and adults. But their owners usually have a big inconvenience when the holidays arrive. During these periods, families pack their suitcases and load the cars, but the dog, the cat, the rabbit, the hamster or the iguana have no place on the trip … and much less if it is a Saint Bernard or a Great Dane. So families are forced to find him a volunteer sitter or a temporary home that could be a pet hotel.

    The problem is that the task is not easy. Pet lovers will hope that they do not lack food, water, or affection. It is here where the idea of ​​pet hotels arises strongly, as a concrete solution for owners who want to have a complete rest without neglecting their animals.

    Such business is thriving amid barking, even more so when according to estimates in six out of ten homes there is a pet. Animals that also need their relaxation space. The owners go on a trip, but their pets can also have their vacations. Many people even go to these establishments just so that their pets can enjoy nature because they live in apartments, while some more eccentric ones host their doggy partners on honeymoon.

    A place for your dogs honeymoon

    There are different services in these hotels for pets. The VIP mode, for example, offers luxurious suites with Persian rugs, room service, games room, plasma televisions with “Animal Planet” and jazz music. Others even offer specialty motels, with beds decorated with bones, mirrors of hearts and aphrodisiac fragrances to inspire romantic encounters.

    Some have a spa service and a video camera system so that owners can view their pets online.

    However, the key is to offer your unique guests ample space to move around, a special place to bathe, food appropriate to the size and type of animal, water for everyone, and a bit of entertainment.

    In many of these hotels the lodging includes board and transportation. They also have separate rooms and room service. Of course, cats and dogs are well away, just in case. Each bedroom has its patio, an awning for shade and a tree en suite.

    Traveling with animals

    Traveling with pets is a global trend that is growing strongly. “Something that seemed extravagant a couple of decades ago, typical of millionaires in northern Europe, has become a trend that is no longer emerging, but rather a common practice,” says Oscar Frías, co-founder and CEO of the travel search engine .

    “In Europe, demographics drive households with pets, but there are other factors that also explain why people travel much more with dogs and cats than in other regions. Within the European Union, there are no special sanitary requirements to move domestic animals and many move by car, which is much easier than traveling by plane with a pet ”.

    The same happens within the United States, it is pointed out from Trabber, a platform that allows filtering results both by price and by other factors such as the acceptance or not of pets.

    Given all this, we are already clear there is no excuse to leave our pets in the hands of another person, there are already these special places for them.

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