Learn About the Importance of Insects on a Visit to the Insect Museum in Costa Rica

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    The Museum of Insects, founded in 1962, seeks that its visitors know the biodiversity of our country and also learn the importance and benefits that insects have in our environment.

    Purposes of the Museum of insects

    It is attached to the Crop Protection Research Center of the School of Phytotechnics at the Research Center for Crop Protection (CIPROC), so its purposes are teaching and research.

    Basic information

    The Insect Museum is located inside the University of Costa Rica in San José. It is located on the main campus within the Faculty of Agribusiness. The collection is located in the basement of the building, and those interested should ring the bell to enter. Visitors are welcome on campus and can tour the museum Monday through Friday. The museum’s hours of operation are only in the afternoon, starting at 1:00 p.m. and until 4:45 p.m. It is possible to see everything in the museum in about an hour, so you can schedule your visit close to other sites near downtown San José. Best of all, the museum is completely free to all visitors, giving everyone a great way to experience the best of Costa Rica for those on a budget.

    Good information on the parade of hundreds of insects that are exhibited in their facilities.

    Photo: Laura Rodríguez Rodríguez

    The exhibition explains what insects are, their characteristics and their importance, being fundamental within ecosystems due to the variety of roles they play as pollinators, predators, transformers of matter and as a food source for mammals, reptiles, amphibians, other insects. and even human beings.

    Insects are the most abundant and diverse living beings on planet Earth and have been here for 400 million years. Of the known animal species, 70% correspond to insects. It is estimated that in the world there are 950,000 species of insects and in Costa Rica approximately 360,000 species.

    For people, insects represent benefits in the textile, medical and food industries mainly.

    In Costa Rica, its use in beekeeping stands out, for the production of honey, propolis and other derivatives, the export of live butterflies for gardens and butterfly farms, which is reflected in the 90 zoocriaderos that operate in the country and export to Europe and the United States mainly. But they are also used in handicrafts and in biological pest control.

    The collection of insects of the national museum

    Photo: Laura Rodríguez Rodríguez

    Entomology enthusiasts and even those new to this fascinating world of insects may find something of interest in the museum. Here are some of the ways the Insect Museum entertains and captivates visitors from around the world:

    A Colorful Collection Featuring the Most Beautiful Butterflies in Costa Rica – Costa Rica’s colors are preserved for eternity with a massive display of some of the most striking butterflies in the world. Choose your favorite and create a new memory.

    An impressive display of the famous Costa Rican tarantula – the giant, gentle beast has been terrifying to visitors for years. Learn more about this giant, hand-sized insect and see why it is important to the region’s biodiversity.

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