Are There Any Pet-Friendly Universities or Colleges in the UK?

Pets have always been a good company to anyone. While dogs are probably the most common type of pet, some young people might want to bring their friends to a university or a college. That is when things start getting complicated. Unfortunately for pet-lovers, there aren’t so many universities that allow dogs in the United Kingdom, so let’s try to figure out why and what a possible solution might be there.

First of all, let try to understand, why pets are mostly disallowed in higher education facilities. If we speak about dogs, there are several problems that these lovely creatures might cause. First of all, every dog needs to be walked, but when you are at your studies all day long, it might get problematic. Also, they might be extremely playful at times, thus distracting not only you but also your roommates. Finally, somebody might be allergic to furry animals, and bringing a dog with you will only make them suffer. 

Still, there are several solutions to the issue, if you are really determined to bring your pet with you. The most viable solution may be to find a nearby apartment, whose proprietor is ok with animals. This will allow you to go to pretty much any higher education facility without having to worry about not being allowed to bring your furry friend with you. Then, of course, you will have constant emotional support even at times when you browse official site trying to get professional writing help with your assignment you don’t seem to handle on your own. Sure thing that you should not treat your studies carelessly and let others do the job for you all the time. Even though a dog won’t probably help you with an essay, it will still calm you down, because it is what they are the best at. 

In cases when you can’t afford rent, you might want to find several colleges that allow pets and apply there. Even if you don’t study in Australia or the USA, where it is easier to find a suitable option, there are several possibilities in the UK at your disposal. Though, these are rather specific circumstances.

From what it is known, no UK university allows students to bring dogs with them unless it is prescribed in a corresponding document. Thus, London Imperial College points out several conditions, when a person can be allowed to have a pet.

Assistance dogs

If a person needs a guide or seizure alert dog, the college authorities will consider the option of bringing it in, under full responsibility and control of its owner. In such cases, students must register their requests beforehand, and their dogs should be trained and certified as such. These dogs should be easily identifiable, too.

Therapy dogs

These are different from assistance ones since they do not need to accompany their owners all the time. Still, the procedure of registering such a pet is similar to above. If you have a medical prescription that indicates the need for a therapy dog, then you should register it at the college beforehand. The pet should also be well-trained and do not cause any disturbances to anyone else.

Approved working dogs

These are only allowed when a student is pursuing a degree in Law enforcement, and they need a companion for service purposes. Such dogs should also be registered and well-trained. Additional circumstances are to be discussed with the college authorities. 

Your responsibilities as a pet-owner in college

The college authorities should be informed about your pet beforehand. You should clearly state what is the purpose of your pet and under which category it falls. Such students are fully responsible for any damages or inconveniences that their pet might cause. The pet should be well-trained and behave well. Also, such students should ensure that their pets do not enter restricted access facilities or other people’s private space, without permission. You should also ensure that your room remains clean from fur and mud, your pet might bring. Finally, copies of all the supporting documents about the dog should be delivered to college. 


As we see, it is hard to bring a dog to a college, unless it is urged by special conditions. From the reasons provided at the beginning of the article, it is understandable why it is so. So, if you are really determined to bring a pet with you, you should either rent an apartment, whose landlord let you do so, or be in a specific need for such an animal, or even stay with your family. Well, you could also bring fish in a tank, if you really want a living being in your room. But as for the dogs, you can’t have them on the territory of a college or a university most of the time. 

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