Costa Rica’s Newest Hotel Trends: Catering to Specific Types of Travelers

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    There are a growing number of Costa Rica hotels that cater to particular groups of travelers. Some hotels cater to people who bring their pets with them on vacation while other hotels welcome families who have young children. Some hotels specialize in catering to women who are traveling either for work or pleasure. Here are some of the specific services offered by these types of hotels.

    Pet-Friendly Hotels

    Hotels that are pet-friendly do more than allow dogs and cats to stay in the same room as their owners. A pet-friendly hotel may schedule play sessions for dogs and cats so they can interact with other pets. In addition, the hotel may offer a special menu of foods for pets and provide toys for them when their owners are out of the room. The owner will likely be able to get a comfortable pet bed for their dog or cat to sleep on. These are just a few examples of the services that make these hotels so appealing to pet owners who like to take their dogs or cats along when they travel.

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    Kid-Friendly Hotels

    It’s common to see the words “kid-friendly” appear in advertisements for hotels. In many cases, these hotels have activities that revolve around the interests of young children. For instance, the hotel may show a G-rated movie each night in the hotel. Or, the hotel may offer bike tours, games and crafts that appeal to young kids. Parents who stay at kid-friendly hotels can expect to find plenty of activities designed to keep kids entertained.

    Hotels for Women

    Of course, a woman can stay in any hotel she wants, but hotels that cater to women offer them a little something extra. A hotel that wants to attract more women may have a spa where guests can relax and get a manicure or pedicure. Also, the hotel may offer exercise classes that would appeal to women such as yoga or Pilates. A large bathtub in each room, lovely décor, fresh flower bouquets and a friendly staff trained to pamper the guests all play a part in the operations for hotels that specialize in serving women travelers.

    No matter what kind of hotel you are looking for, you may want to speak to a travel agent near you to find the accommodations that best suit your needs.

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