The Costa Rican “Charlies Angels”, Rescuing Abandoned Pets

    Volunteers who are in the front lines combating animal abuse

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    Having a pet at home has multiple benefits, and it has been scientifically proven that within the psychological aspect, it reduces stress levels, its owners are less likely to suffer from depression.

    Even knowing the benefits that a pet can offer there are people who with actions consciously and unconsciously hurt and attack the physical integrity of our furry companions. Animal abuse has become more and more a strong monster that often takes the lives of innocent beings who are not guilty of anything.

    Animal abuse is a scourge that does not have nationality
    For Pets that are mistreated and forgotten there is a shinning star in rescue organizations, like that of the “Charlies Angels foundation” in Costa Rica, that allow a happy ending for them.

    One such Carlos Silva story, told by a volunteer of the organization goes as follows:

    “I found a dehydrated and strayed dog with damaged skin. The first day he was so tired that he did not move and it was hard for him even to eat. We gave him serum and cleaned his skin. It was obvious from his behavior that no one had cared for him in a long time. After two months of treatment, the dog had a total positive transformation”.

    Another story tells of a man who was walking his dog when he saw another dog trying to get out of a hole of dirt and stones where someone had put her. After rescuing her, it was taken to a veterinary clinic where it was treated for dehydration and the state of shock. The owner was found and arrested for animal cruelty and tried for trying to murder his pet.

    Diego’s story
    Diego, that’s the name of a dog that was abandoned in a very sick condition, it’s body was invaded with tumors and was left there to die. then, Lya appeared, a volunteer who offers her support for animal welfare, and gave Diego a new opportunity by adopting him and making it part of her family.

    Well intended people
    The goodness of human beings is evidenced in foundations such as Charlies Angels. This noble initiative translates into the rescue of abandoned pets in Costa Rica. The main purpose is endless love for animals. It was founded by four friends that have always worked for the most vulnerable pets. Their concern for forgotten animals motivated them to form this beautiful organization that ensures their rescue and care.

    The welfare of abandoned pets its main objective
    The services they offer. Mainly their offerings are based on temporary care, and residence for dogs and cats that often find themselves going through an extreme moment or especially if they become victims of abuse of any kind.

    The main focus of this organization is pet welfare, that is why when the animal is 100% recovered it will be given for adoption already vaccinated, sterilized and vaccinated by the organization.

    How do Charlies Angels pay their expenses?
    The contribution of good-hearted people is very important to keep this noble work in perfect working order. That is why the contribution of volunteers is a key element in the development of this project. The help can be of any kind, there are volunteers who only contribute their love and affection to the most vulnerable, taking care of them and providing them with their daily needs such as food, water, walking them, bathing them, ensuring that everything remains in order. It is important to clarify that this foundation has no fixed income, they work them every day to raise the money that is necessary to continue developing their work.

    Truths about life in Costa Rica
    A trio of little dogs

    Responsible adoption
    Once the animal is fully healthy, recovered and relocated. It is intended to be delivered for a responsible adoption. This cycle can be fulfilled and carried out within Costa Rica or also in the United States or Canada.
    Shelters are overcrowded, many animals are homeless. Give them the opportunity to know what it is to have love, many have been thrown out on the street since they were puppies and have not been able to be in a home and most die without getting to know it. So Remember, Go Ahead and Adopt!-

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